28 June 2006

KingCast presents Albatross II: Mending fences.

Good thing that Prosecutor Albrecht and I have identified our common enemy, Jaffrey Chief Dunn in Albatross #1, because Back in the Day, it appeared that Albrecht was hatin' on me or something; trying to have me arrested using a document by Ransmeier & Spellman ("best lawyers in America," right?) Attorney Charlie/Bauer that wasn't even sent to my address and whatnot. Only bummer is, because of the stress on either that day or the second attempt Albrecht made to lock me up, I missed a shift in the convertible; shattered the transmission and so that car is toast. I worked hard for that little motherfucker, too. It's all right, Bill. I'll have me another nice place to live, and then another SAAB, or another BMW 2002tii or 535is, or a vintage Porsche 911 when the book is done, thanks to my haters... and my lovers, like this conservative NH family.

I've been there before, Bill -- and despite the best efforts of the Albatross I will be there again. So chuck this specious case (per syllabus) aside; I promise not to write any more letters that aren't signed by Attorneys Crnilovic or Phillips, and realize as I told you before:

Marty fucked you.

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PS: In the second attempt, Albrecht received the "factual basis" (walking past Dunn at a hearing in Nashua and my photographer shot his ass carrying a spy file on me) for the capias on 22 December 2005 and filed it on 16 March 2006, 3 months later, right before another hearing to intimidate me, I might add. I mean, so much for exigent circumstances, right? Plus, we had even been in court on 25 January, 2006 and no mention of this issue was even raised so WTF? Judge Arnold properly dismissed that dumb shit right out-of-hand, and appeared decidedly annoyed at the waste of taxpayer dollars involved:


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said...

Yes, you shall have your richly deserved symbols of power, while you fight for the youth in your cursed land. Like me, you see the larger picture. I myself had 98 virgins waiting for me in heaven. Oh, the bliss!

Can you imagine the disappointment if I had not? You can not, for you shall have your car and your house, for you, brother (may I call you brother?), are a great great man. Visionary. These haters know not of what they speak. Your book will be second only to the Quran, and your movie, oh, it shall be seen in theatres all over the globe, from Damascus to Detroit. Like Osamma you have rejected your country club roots and taken your word to the people, and your house shall be a holy house, and your car shall be a German car, and all will be well.
The white devil shall pay for the indignity he has visited upon you. Big props to Allah.

Christopher King said...

Actually there is on old African Proverb that "if there is no enemy within the enemy without can do us no harm."

So it's not so much about the white devil as much as it is about the black ones.

You can read that proverb in the bottom thumbnail here in the

"First Amendment and niggers up for sale" post:


I'm glad you too, are enthused by the book. I don't think it will rival the Quran, and virgins aren't necessarily my cup of tea, but I can tell you love this blawg and you will be first in line to get a copy.

Heck if you send me your address I'll give you one with an appropriate inscription!