27 June 2006

KingCast notes: "911 is a Joke" in Jaffrey.

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Public Enemy

Call 1.800.No.Phone 'cos it ain't no way to holla' since the goddamn phones are (3 weeks now) out of order, just like their fearless leader, Chief "Passed Over Again" Dunn. Here's the lyrics in case you Dunn forgot how it goes, 'cos yeeeah, boyeeee they Can't Do Nothin' for Ya' Man!

Mind you, this is the same Mayberry-assed M-F that laughed about the possibility of me being raped in prison, and who had me brought up on charges of "bringing ridicule" to the town. Ummm... yeah.

KingCast.net and JusticeforKids.net: Doin' Sumpin' 4ya, Man!

NOTE: Parody, somewhat. It's the general business line that was down, but you get the point: You cannot ridicule that which is already ridiculous. It's tantamount to gilding the lilly, or in the alternative, smearing more excrement on a hog.

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