24 June 2006

KingCast asks was Jaffrey Chief Dunn passed over in Hollis?

We shall see. Well, today it was apparently confirmed. They prolly don't like him lying under Oath or laughing about prison rape. Add that to the 4 April 2006 entry noting his ass was rejected from other municipalities and I must say, as I told my writer earlier today, I'm proclaiming victory. More on that discussion later.

Anyway, at least Chief Dunn isn't on crack, but the net result is still the same: He attacks my integrity and winds up stepping on his own ying-yang. Retired Hollis Chief Darling had a rep as a bit of a 'hard ass,' but at least he was reasonable and competent according to this piece. Here's the best part on Darling's retirement:
He said he might create a consulting business to help other towns in need of a police chief find qualified candidates.

It couldn't be any better if I made it up myself.

KingCast.net; Justiceforkids.net: The Revolution will be televised.

Blawg yahtzee: The Meeting.

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