17 June 2006

KingCast and Justice for Kids Present: Columbus School Board Police State.

Book, Litch: Columbus, Ohio is one of the dirtiest places in the World when it comes to law and politics, and that is why I am sitting here without a license today. It is a fucking dirty-assed (Blackwell, Coingate respectively) Police State, and my film maker and I, along with parents groups and Justiceforkids.net, is about to start documenting more of it. Look how they treat Ms. Kennedy Kent, a former CPS administrator for Pete's sake, who came to the prosecutor's office merely to ask why James Drennen had not been charged or arrested, or why the School had not filed a complaint with Protectice Services or the Prosecutor's office as required when a child gets a beat-down from a known felon and a concussion.

Read the Superintendent Gene Harris' cover-up right here. And listen to School Board President Boyd hang up on Kent right here. Pawnk-ass M-F he is, eh?

They treated me the same damn way 9 years ago when I came before the board, asking about Mr. Hurt's child who got his nose broken -- at least other school kids broke his, though. That's the footage at "Live Revolution" at KingCast.net where I say "we're here... trying to get some answers from the Board...."

Columbus political and School Board legends Bill Moss and Loretta Heard would be proud. Got some video coming with me and the two of them in Bill's studio to prove that, too.

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