17 June 2006

Christopher King is a negligent fool.

Here I am, trying to be something I am not, like the party-hearty Michelin Man seen on the back of my SAAB, from the very post that got me in all this mess. (That's an MBQuart on the other side). So busy I can't even keep my writer, James/ O'Brien, in the loop:

I need a chunk of time from you, sir. Can we set a 120 minute block to interview you about the period of time following ATC termination, preceding Jaffrey events? I mean to cover the fire, your settlement proceedings and then the way you came to the NAACP.

I wonder about June 24, 25, June 30 or July 1.

Please let me know as soon as you can (I know your mind is on the present, but I'm rearing to write the second half of the book). We're at 60+ pages and I have a great feeling about what Part I has come to be.

Best Regards,
James O'Brien

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