30 June 2006

KingCast site of the day: Justiceforkids.net II

A mild redesign by the team, with a link to Yours Truly as requested by folks in Columbus who have respected my efforts to expose injustice since 1995. Video coming soon.

KingCast.net: Legal video podcasting pioneered by a black man and his white crew.

KingCast presents: Another failure for Columbus Public Schools and Prosecutor's office.

As noted previously, and again just the other day straight out of "No-Confidence" vote garnering Superintendent Harris' hypocritical mouth, Columbus Public Schools and Police Department and Prosecutor fail children once again.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Making it harder to cover up the dirt, at least.

KingCast asks: Now who are the "disturbed individuals," Chief Dunn?

29 June 2006

KingCast knows what's on the NAACP bookshelf.

Well folks, just stopped off for an email session with the muse and come to find my friends have visted today, with Guy Montag in, ummmm, hot pursuit. They are reading this and that, two of my favorite posts, actually.

But not as much as this one.

KingCast asks: What's up with the other NAACP/First Amendment cases?

Remember how in Daily Kos I told you about Jerome Boykin in Louisana being sued by a cop after he exercised his First Amendment Rights? And remember how I told you about Florida's NAACP President Cynthia Slater getting arrested for peaceful protest? Just try to find the updates to those cases. Why isn't the NAACP screaming at the top of its collective lungs about these cases?

It's because National doesn't give a shit anymore, that's why.


KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net:
Actually giving a shit, and getting beat down for it.

KingCast presents: "N'uh - uhhhh...."

No he dinn't: Yes, he did. Tossing off during trial with a penis pump, shaving his balls, pissing in a trash can... those are things you do in chambers fool, never on the bench!

UPDATE: Convicted by Jury 29 June 2005 on 4 counts of indecent exposure.

Update: The BubbaWorld file.

28 June 2006

KingCast and Thurgood Marshall present: Socratic Method.

The Nashua NAACP, Jaffrey NH Police Chief Dunn, and Cheshire County Prosecutor Albrecht are all challenging the legacy of Thurgood Marshall, and I can safely tell you that none of them -- in their wildest nightmares, thought we would all wind up here. Law students are already reading about this case right now, as they have been reading about State v. Lessin, 67 Ohio State 3d. 487 (1993) -- another First Amendment case in which I wrote most of the successful Ohio Supreme Court Appellate Brief.

But because we have indeed reached this point, Thurgood has authorized me to proxy this classroom discussion for the lovers and haters -- but mostly for the haters:

1. Attend class at "The Syllabus" entry.
2. Actually read it.
3. If you are still of the belief that I am a criminal, address each and every holding using clear and concise language.
4. Points will be deducted from your score for engaging in personal diatribe, calling me delusional or slamming my affinity for German or Swedish automobiles.

Suggested supplemental viewing: "Arraignment Press Conference" video podcast at KingCast.net

Suggested supplemental reading to clear your head about Willie/Toney, and whether I, as Nashua, NH NAACP legal redress chair, approached him first after he faced 3 drawn guns and visual body cavity search and all of those purported "issues":

"Why you ain't called my nigguh', Bill?"

Blawg Yahtzee: Divest from the NAACP.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Breathing new life into the musty hallowed halls of law.

KingCast asks: Is America ready for the Smart?

I've been ready for it for years, but then I like bikes (pedal and motor) and smaller cars in general. Obviously they hope for strong reaction in the cities 'cos not too many Plains States folks are gonna' be having this.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Smart Civil Rights.

KingCast presents Albatross II: Mending fences.

Good thing that Prosecutor Albrecht and I have identified our common enemy, Jaffrey Chief Dunn in Albatross #1, because Back in the Day, it appeared that Albrecht was hatin' on me or something; trying to have me arrested using a document by Ransmeier & Spellman ("best lawyers in America," right?) Attorney Charlie/Bauer that wasn't even sent to my address and whatnot. Only bummer is, because of the stress on either that day or the second attempt Albrecht made to lock me up, I missed a shift in the convertible; shattered the transmission and so that car is toast. I worked hard for that little motherfucker, too. It's all right, Bill. I'll have me another nice place to live, and then another SAAB, or another BMW 2002tii or 535is, or a vintage Porsche 911 when the book is done, thanks to my haters... and my lovers, like this conservative NH family.

I've been there before, Bill -- and despite the best efforts of the Albatross I will be there again. So chuck this specious case (per syllabus) aside; I promise not to write any more letters that aren't signed by Attorneys Crnilovic or Phillips, and realize as I told you before:

Marty fucked you.

KingCast.net, Justiceforkids.net: Ordinary folks helping ordinary folks.

PS: In the second attempt, Albrecht received the "factual basis" (walking past Dunn at a hearing in Nashua and my photographer shot his ass carrying a spy file on me) for the capias on 22 December 2005 and filed it on 16 March 2006, 3 months later, right before another hearing to intimidate me, I might add. I mean, so much for exigent circumstances, right? Plus, we had even been in court on 25 January, 2006 and no mention of this issue was even raised so WTF? Judge Arnold properly dismissed that dumb shit right out-of-hand, and appeared decidedly annoyed at the waste of taxpayer dollars involved:

KingCast presents: "Why you ain't called my nigguh', Bill?"


"When the NAACP ultimately contacted Toney, he said King had sought him."
Too bad Devon Sawyer, JD -- whose old card I just found, will tell her, Bill Albrecht and the entire free World that's bullshit, because he gave me Mr. Toney's name on a matchbook. So now we know why Melanie looks so fucking pissed: We caught her lying just as Gloria did about NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Ferguson's supposed "affidavit." Boy does she hate that camera, or what?

Question remains, why didn't Albrecht call Mr. Sawyer after he copped a continuance, ostensibly in part because he didn't have his number and we gave it to him, pronto, tanto?

What an insane clown posse all those haters turned out to be.

Blawg Yahtzee: The syllogism for Judge Arnold.
Unmitigated haterism

Caught you lookin'!

Jun 28 2006 05:54:22 26 pages RanSpell.com. Keep on lookin', Charlie Bauer, Esq., you Ransmeier & Spellman liar, you -- because it won't get any prettier for client Chief/Dunn a/k/a 'Albatross' or Gloria Timmons, that's for certain. You can't cover their lies anymore -- or your own, once we finish our movie and book, at least. You are the smarmiest creature I've ever seen.

KingCast presents: A whole year Dunn gone wrong.

Nashua Telegraph, 29 June 2005: "King accuses Dunn of submitting false charges to the grand jury that indicted him." Just like the bogus wreckless ops charges against former Nashua Officer Aaron DeBoisbriand.

Now what about Officer DeBoisbriand's witness tampering charge, you say? Watch this WMUR story, then realize that witness tampering is in the eye of Chief Dunn and a rabid prosecutor. Oh, I'm sorry -- prosecutorial discretion, yeah right: Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons committed witness tampering on at least one occasion IMHO, which is tied to her perjury when she swore under Oath (scroll down to read the actuual documents and testimony) in her Depo. that NAACP Veteran's chair Cleaven Ferguson had authored a signed, notarized affidavit countering the actual signed, notarized affidavit he first wrote for me. Curiously,, she/admitted it was not notarized when he signed it, which could be a crime; read guiding principle #3.

Anyway, that was all clearly bullshit; the thing that Gloria pressured him to write -- after she knew he wrote a valid affidavit for me -- isn't even notarized and was provided to us on the eve of the supposed "trial" on this specious case against me for theft/extortion, per Syllabus of the Court.

Blawg Yahtzee: Albrecht & King shoot a common albatross.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: No perjury allowed.

27 June 2006

KingCast; Justiceforkids call Gene Harris on the mat for non-reporting violence to the authorities.

After the Columbus, OH Mifflin High gang rape debacle, good ol' "No-Confidence Vote" superintendent Gene Harris "instructed [staff] to get police involved whenever needed, no matter what," according to WBNS-10 news. Okay, so WTF happened at West High then on Valentine's Day 2006? They didn't contact the police a-tall. No word of a lie. But the story also says Harris told staff that "administrators need to respond to such incidents as if they involved their own children."

Read the Harris letter to the mother right here: Click on the images and expand to read. Grab large plastic baggie; then barf. Seal contents and discard at 270 E State St, Columbus, 43215, but call first at 614.365.5000 to let them know you're on the way :)

KingCast presents: Albrecht, King break bread and shoot a common albatross.

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Steve Miller Band

Or, The Meeting II.
Scene: Blankety-Blank restaurant, country club style. The style I grew up in and the style in which I currently work, at least in part. 9:45, closing time. We're drinkin' Stellas.

"Marty fucked you," I says to the guy.
"I know. That's why I got niggardly with the discovery and defied a Court Order. Oops, wait... Slime Bag.... err... Marty said I can't say that because of what you told him in Meeting I."
"What, Court Order? You can say that you basically defied a Court Order to produce Chief Dunn's Depo. Transcript that is highly exculpatory in my regard. I've got no problem with you admitting it."
"No, I mean... well, true, I did. But I mean niggardly... I can't say that to you Sidney.... err... Mr. King."
Dude, that's a totally different word. Different etymology man."
"Okay. Well you know that's why I felt compelled to dupe you at 8:45 a.m. on trial day, was because of Marty's promise. I copped a bullshit continuance but then I had nowhere else to go, come trial day, when it was title for title between you and me."
"I know. Marty fucked you."
"Yep, Marty fucked me. I should have listend to you when you tried to come before the Grand Jury all those times. I'll get the musket."
"Whatever you need, brother. I'll just pretend I didn't see it. Oh, wait.... that's misprision of a Felony."
"Don't worry, Mr. King... I got your back on this one."

Note: Parody. But I bet Albrecht and the taxpayers want to wring Dunn's friggin' neck by now, that's for certain.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Trying to craft a world free from government abuse. There I go, waxing idyllic again....

KingCast notes: "911 is a Joke" in Jaffrey.

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Public Enemy

Call 1.800.No.Phone 'cos it ain't no way to holla' since the goddamn phones are (3 weeks now) out of order, just like their fearless leader, Chief "Passed Over Again" Dunn. Here's the lyrics in case you Dunn forgot how it goes, 'cos yeeeah, boyeeee they Can't Do Nothin' for Ya' Man!

Mind you, this is the same Mayberry-assed M-F that laughed about the possibility of me being raped in prison, and who had me brought up on charges of "bringing ridicule" to the town. Ummm... yeah.

KingCast.net and JusticeforKids.net: Doin' Sumpin' 4ya, Man!

NOTE: Parody, somewhat. It's the general business line that was down, but you get the point: You cannot ridicule that which is already ridiculous. It's tantamount to gilding the lilly, or in the alternative, smearing more excrement on a hog.

KingCast presents: Other people who Chief Dunn and Bill Albrecht screwed over.

My Auntie "Tootster" and my cousin Brian -- just back from his second tour as Communications Specialist in Iraq, setting aside time to make the trek from CT for this criminal nonsense, per syllabus. Prosecutor Albrecht playing games after holding the case for a year. Jaffrey Chief Dunn, doing his usual "everything's a crime if I don't like it" routine, which (again) failed against his own staff, causing other Police in Mass to call him a "slime-bag." Even before it failed. As noted by a conservative NH Republican follower of this case yesterday, the only crime is the notion of having a criminal case in the first place, dammit.

That's Great-Great Grandparents Jack & Mollie Bailey on the wall. He was born a slave. Dunn can only wish that I was.

Blawg Yahtzee: He Dunn lied again.

26 June 2006

KingCast reflects on Daily Kos, NAACP and Democratic Party.

Kos and some of his henchmen can't stand the fact that I criticize the NAACP, so they kicked me off of their little board, just as they did to Liberal Dose blogger, who then told them to "go fuck themselves."

And they did it despite the fact that in a legal matter I blawg about you can clearly see that the NAACP lied. Background here and here. See, the NAACP and the Democratic Party are virtually synonymous. In fact, the NAACP and Kennedys got in legal, ethical trouble; NAACP Legal Fund Director Elaine R. Jones had to resign, you bet.

But Kos is all about the Democratic Party though, as Whiskey Bar blogger notes:
"He wants to be a mover and shaker in the party establishment; I regard the party establishment as -- at best -- useful idiots. And that's stretching it. Most of them are just idiots, period.... To be perfectly honest, my impression is that Kos the blogger has long since been swallowed up by Kos the aspiring politician. I would say he's sold out, but Kos has never, to my knowledge, claimed to be anything other than a Democratic (big and little d) political activist. Which is probably why we haven't corresponded in years."

I'm with Whiskey Bar blogger on this one: I've worked for Jesse 1984 and I've worked for Dick Gephardt 2004 but I'll never sell my soul to anyone.

"You know, for some reason I find it particularly rancid that Markos named his blog after himself," wrote another blogger at Buckeyestate blog.

Blawg Yahtzee:
A: Lovers and Haters.

B: Look what else Daily Kos missed, while I caught them destroying stories about me: #1 -- on my case & #2 -- on a political arrest of a former client of mine who has been featured in a Freedom Forum article for a case that I actually initiated. Still they be hatin' on me. Interesting. Let me be clear, not all of them are this way, however. Some actually have brains of their own, #1 & #2.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: We don't give a shit what Party you're from, as long as you like children, Justice, and the First Amendment.

KingCast presents: Here comes the NAACP....

Fashionably late (you know, C-P time, right?) now that Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons is toast. Jun 26 2006 12:19:14 naacpnet.org

Next time, they need to read this, and Google "Gloria Timmons," or even "Nashua NAACP."

PS: Surf freely -- only haters get their IP addresses published.

KingCast presents: Lovers and haters.

Click and expand each letter image to Spot the/difference.

Thing is, the conservative Caucasian NH family who wrote the letter in support actually knows me, which shows the limitations of two-dimensional fora such as the Internet. Or it shows that there are simply some haters out there, some of whom threaten to appear at trial and then don't, and some of whom criticize me endlessly on my blawg while ignoring the NAACP lies under Oath, a deceitful prosecutor and little-man-with-the-gun-in-his-hand Marty Dunn's lunacy. Whatever, it all makes for a good story, a good manuscript and a trip to Sundance.
I have eaten with, spoken with, worked with, socialized with and argued politics with him. As a matter of fact, I’ve even let him near my kids! I was, and remain convinced to this day, that he is of quite sound mind. It is this trial that's crazy.....Chris may be guilty of many things: including non-stop questioning of and challenging the establishment, being one of the most dogged people I have ever met in pursuing an ideal...
My family and I have always found him to be an honest, hard working, warm, caring and sincere human being.... Chris’ big mistake was believing that he could make a difference in this whitest of states in our land of equality and "justice for all."

And then there is the $64,000.00 question:
Has it ever occurred to you haters that if Chief Dunn were actually a good cop, and correct about me, that he could actually get a damn/job and not be suspended, or asked twice -- with money on the table -- to leave the one he has?

Municipalities who have read this blawg (and believe me, I have Tracksy so I know goddamn well that they do) would simply say,

"Good work. Get that King bastard and come work for us; show us how you do it!"

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Making a difference, whether the haters admit it or not.

KingCast reflects on a year of living under Indictment with Jaffrey Chief Dunn/Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht.

Well folks here was the post one year ago:

And since that time what have we seen?

1. We created KingCast.
2. We created Justice for Kids.
3. James O'Brien is well on the way to completing his manuscript (5 Chapters + Prologue).
4. Chief Dunn is unemployable.
5. I am damn near in the same boat and lost a very fine automobile because of this.
6. I have exposed the NAACP and Chief Dunn for lying under Oath on several occasions, and NAACP's Gloria Timmons lost two Court cases trying to shut down this blawg and my website, KingCast.net.
7. NH Courts have thoroughly ignored the lies, Civil and Criminal.
8. NH Supreme Court Justice Gary Hicks denied my media in his courtroom, but Judge Lynn did not and now we have damning footage of him and opposing counsel. Meanwhile, an Ohio Judge ruled that cameras should be in his courtroom because people "need to know what judges do."
9. Prosecutor Albrecht acted unethically in several opinions, to dupe me and to circumvent the law in NH (i.e. State v. Prevost Hillsborough 95-676, 1997) forbidding changes to a Grand Jury Indictment. He did this by bringing new charges of Common Law contempt based on Ohio orders not to practice law (but read the probable syllabus here) after I agreed to try reduced misdemeanor theft cases to the Bench for writing a Demand Letter from the NAACP on behalf of police abuse victim Willie Toney. There's hardly any guarantee of conviction for those, either -- not to mention the fact that he tried to revoke my bail on two (2) occasions -- even using a Notice of Appearance by Attorney Charlie Bauer that wasn't even sent to my goddamn address. He is a fucking hater.
10. American Tower Corp. lied to Dunn about me.
11. American Tower Corp. tricked Blogger into deleting posts about them that were restored after Blogger legal review.
12. American Tower Corp. faces DOJ securities fraud subpoena and Class Action lawsuits relative thereto.
13. I told the World what American Tower's lead counsel, former Mass. Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand, Esq. really is for participating in the nefarious Blogger scheme and for being an evidence-spoliating, influence-peddling jerk in general.

And there's your baker's dozen and more importantly, the upcoming Syllabus of the Court. I can't believe 7 attempts to shut down this blawg in the past year it has been open, and Daily Kos proved to be largely a bunch of blow/hards. More links and an audioblawg to follow. I worked a wicked double on Sunday, passed out, woke up to bring you this reflective post and need a touch more sleep.

We have commenced a dialogue certain to continue for years about First Amendment law and principles in the modern era of digital information exchange. And we've put a nasty cop on the skids.

Happy Summer!

25 June 2006

KingCast & Justiceforkids announce: Equal time for Drennen.

In my email tip jar: Drennen also said his lawyer has been trying to get in touch with you and he's willing to take a lie detector test or get in a line up. Also, Drennen's father passed away Wednesday.

1. I will call James Drennen Monday.
2. His lawyer can find my email address rather easily on KingCast.net


KingCast reports: Companies divest from NAACP because of their support for allegedly racist Jaffrey Chief Dunn.

This story (scroll down) is still developing but I will be sure to watch it unfold and keep you posted. And well that should happen because anyone who actually reads the Deposition transcripts I have posted here alone can tell you there is a sickness in that group, and expelling me in favor of a joker like Jaffrey Chief Dunn was not the cure; I was the doctor they needed in the first place.

24 June 2006

KingCast asks was Jaffrey Chief Dunn passed over in Hollis?

We shall see. Well, today it was apparently confirmed. They prolly don't like him lying under Oath or laughing about prison rape. Add that to the 4 April 2006 entry noting his ass was rejected from other municipalities and I must say, as I told my writer earlier today, I'm proclaiming victory. More on that discussion later.

Anyway, at least Chief Dunn isn't on crack, but the net result is still the same: He attacks my integrity and winds up stepping on his own ying-yang. Retired Hollis Chief Darling had a rep as a bit of a 'hard ass,' but at least he was reasonable and competent according to this piece. Here's the best part on Darling's retirement:
He said he might create a consulting business to help other towns in need of a police chief find qualified candidates.

It couldn't be any better if I made it up myself.

KingCast.net; Justiceforkids.net: The Revolution will be televised.

Blawg yahtzee: The Meeting.

23 June 2006

KingCast: Cold chillin' with teachers!

Yes, a gaggle of pretty cool teachers -- some of Fairfield County's best public -- came into work yesterday afternoon and I co-hosted their party; I won't discuss who I met or what or what we discussed. Suffice it to say that a few more teachers and administrators will be checking out KingCast and Justiceforkids, as well they should.

"Oh, I used to hear good things about Columbus Schools," said one administrator.
"Not anymore," I said. "Wait until you read about the No-Confidence Vote on the Superintendent."
"Yes, really."
"Oh, no."

We're doing Good Things.

Blawg yahtzee: Cold chillin' with lawyers!


22 June 2006

KingCast presents: Hot news from Justice for Kids.

Columbus Public Schools are scampering to cover that arse. Check out the comments.

KingCast presents: Profiles in American Justice; Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn.

Just my opinion about a perjury-spewing, public figure. Uh-oh. With all that police money in Jaffrey he might have one of these -- as fast as one of these.

Betcha' I'm a better rider, though :)

And thus spawns another dimension of "Title for Title," or "Pinks."
Blawg yahtzee: Rednecks.

KingCast presents: Ethics.

I'll put mine up against Prosecutor Albrecht's in the Chief Dunn/NAACP extortion case any day. Read the future syllabus of the court. I stand for this while he stands for that; damn Downpresser Man. Chant him down Irie style; Babylon a go crumble.

KingCast.net; Justiceforkids.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.
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Background #1
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Background #2

21 June 2006

KingCast presents: Prescience.

I told Daily Kos back on 18 January (read the first comment) that Jaffrey NH Police Chief Martin Dunn has a propensity to trump up charges against folks with whom he has disagreements, including his own police officers. Now that case is indeed, toast.

Update: So is Chief Dunn, totally fired.

In the words of the Minutemen, he is a "Little man with a gun in his hand."

Two friends of mine and I hung out with them about a month before D. Boon died. That is one of the biggest losses of the post modern music era, totally :(

Trivia: From 1999 until the show's cancellation, an instrumental version of the Minutemen's song "Corona" (off Double Nickels on the Dime) was the theme song of the MTV television show Jackass. In 2000 Mike Watt, as administrator of the band's publishing, allowed the auto maker Volvo to use the D. Boon instrumental "Love Dance" in a car ad to benefit Boon's ailing father.

KingCast presents: Vote of 'No Confidence' for Superintendent Gene Harris and Due Process, Columbus Public School style.

When I was a licensed, practicing attorney in Columbus, my answering machine (remember those?) at one point said:
"Hi. If you are black, a woman, poor, gay, handicapped or a white person without substantial financial means and living in Columbus, chances are that your Civil Rights are being violated right now, and you may not even know it. But thanks for calling me, because we'll set the record straight -- even if no one wants to admit it."
Truer words never were spoken, and such is still the case in Columbus Schools. Read this Due Process follow up email noting, inter alia, that my school board attorney nemesis Giselle Johnson, Esq. -- whom I believe is facing at least two pending Bar Complaints from the people involved in the situation as complaining party and advocates -- is still presiding over this case.

Read here about the "unprecedented" Teacher's Union "No Confidence vote" against Superintendent Gene Harris for, inter alia:

"Failure to maintain competent leadership at every school."

Read about the $200K misappropriation conviction of administrator Shirley Bird Long here in section 2, and see how they locked Jerry Doyle up for complaining about it. BTW she got no jail time and a $40/mo. payment plan from stateside Judge Cain, whose head you see flippantly dismissing me in the Lemaster v. Bank One case, in a KingCast short film "American Lawyer 1." He went on to issue me a $5,000 sanction without an evidentiary hearing. We've got his evidentiary hearing on video, however.

And don't look to the Federal Courts to do much about it, either except shoot the messenger (Minnis).

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Crazy about Justice; sick and tired of the bullshit.