02 May 2006

Putting a face to Chief Dunn's logorrhea lies.

Yeah, Chief you better be ready to face Charlie Duffy in Open Court and explain to him the lies you told about me being escorted out of American Tower via police escort after I properly demanded overtime pay for staff.

Charlie's not happy about that. For the truth read how I busted American Tower lawyer Richard C. Van Nostrand for getting my blawg entries yanked (and later replaced after Blogger lawyers conferenced over it) right here, and watch the American Lawyer movies at KingCast.net.


Christopher King said...

Straight from the email tip jar:

Hey Chris, I saw the blog on the Silver bullet. Fantastic...


Hey here's a picture of me in case you spot me in a crowd of people or down at the post office in the most wanted listings. LOL.

Christopher King said...

Well Charlie, as I said in the Silver Bullet post, all they can do to us.... is give us our own silver bullet, Zapruder moments.

Fucking bastards.

And that's a quote from a former American Tower paralegal about former Mass Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand.

Here's what I say about him:


No Justice, No Peace.

Salad Tosser said...

"Here's a picture of me. . . " Sounds like someone wants to get to know you up close and personal. The Brokeback Mountain Group Backs King!

Christopher King said...

I doubt that and I really couldn't give a shit either way. All I know is he is into the music of Michael Franti/Spearhead and honest police.

For the other activities I'll invoke that certain muse of mine; she is adorable =^.)

Christopher King said...

Besides, as noted below I'm more concerned with what Vic has to say about those 7 attempts to shut down this blawg:


I've hung out with another brown Vic -- Bela Fleck's Victor Wooten -- back in the day at an after-hours set; I know what he would say about these haters, for certain.

Charles Duffy said...

Hey brokeback mountain group. Is that band that plays at salad bars? The bareback mountain group backs king? well who the hell dosen't idiot. Spend some time in jail get fasely accused and become pissed off. Don't just agree with King's cause act on it.

Christopher King said...

"Don't just agree with King's cause act on it. "

.... No doubt, Charlie, no doubt. I believe the individual was trying to make a reference that we are gay and that's why you sent me the picture, as opposed to me using it to show Chief Dunn that you really exist as a distinct person and that your email to him was not through me or some shit.

Hence the reference to the movie about the gay cowboys, "brokeback mountain."

...It's fun to have a sport on someone's blog, but this is serious business, and our viewer apparently isn't ready to deal with it.

I'll give you plenty of advance notice on any court hearing Charlie. Sorry you couldn't make it last time. The final criminal pre-trial is in late May; I'll let you know shortly.

Meanwhile I'm looking for Dunn's Deposition transcript he was ordered to provide by the criminal court:



Charles Duffy said...

What I realize and most fear is for those who don't understand how the courts and prosecutors today are in the business of intimidation. A case like yours is a pure example of retaliation in order to silence you and others. The courts have turned into a country club system of justice that favors the wealthy. NH the last state to realize MLK as a holiday... what does that say about these people? I'll say it, there effing Aholes!!!

Christopher King said...

Oh, no doubt, brother. Clearly retaliatory.

Listen to this audioblog MP3 file of an interview with Columbus, Ohio historian James Whitaker.

You may have to cut and paste it.