02 May 2006

NAACP's Victor Bolden to address Univ. New Haven; New England NAACP faces indictment for corporate malfeasance.

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Stupid hater
In an event I will likely miss tommorrow (gotta wait those tables) (2009 update: Nah, I'm a fucking project manager again, but I still respect waiters though) NAACP attorney Victor Bolden will discuss the Future of Civil Rights. He's probably a Good Guy; he was involved with Brown II. Ironically -- or perhaps not -- I worked for Professor Edward Mearns at Case Western Law School; he was an implementation attorney in Brown I. And just as we see Attorney Bolden in this picture with the ACLU, I wrote the majority of a successful Ohio Supreme Court brief working with the ACLU in State v. Lessin 67 Ohio St. 3d 487 (1993). And I keep on working hard for immigrants and other employees as noted right here. I hate it when people try to diminish my accomplishments; these are all proven facts and these pre-event fliers I leave with this post on campus today will point out the real issues. Anyway, if I were there I would ask him to detail how we can move forward with Civil Rights when we've got a police report like this about a black man in Hampshire facing 3 drawn guns and a bend-over-cough search for "loitering," which he beat pro se, and the NAACP ignoring it? Then we've got:

1. NAACP President Gloria Timmons lying Under Oath about material issues resulting in my indictment for attempted felony extortion;
2. NAACP leaders like Boston President Lenny Alkins tossing emails on which Boston City Council and Department of Labor took action;
3. NAACP leaders like potty-mouthed New England President Juan Cofield calling me a "crazy asshole" for demanding that "respected" attorneys like former Mass Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand actually follow the rules of evidence and Court Orders from a Black Judge to produce emails;
4. NAACP leaders like Bruce Gordon allow well-connected Orr & Reno attorney Maria Proulx and Ransmeier & Spellman's Charlie Bauer to argue in favor of restricted camera access to courtrooms while dodging discovery, against the grain of bourgeoning decisional and statutory law in this country.
5. NAACP leaders in Connecticut continue to piss off other well-established Caucasian attorneys such as blogger Norm Pattis Crime and Federalism (quoted on my case here), who used to offer pro bono services right here in CT, but who now consider such leaders like Scott Esdaile a "huckster" and "charlatan."

All of them in bed with a sublimely disgraced police Chief by the name of Martin Dunn, whom Massachusetts Police have called a "slime bag."

I'll see to it that Attorney Bolden's contemporaries receive a copy of this post. Hell, I know people who know Ted Shaw personally but I've never tried to influence-peddle this case. Just put the facts out here as a public legal and entertainment service.

Indicted? Hell I just indicted the New England NAACP for corporate malfeasance. Now for Civil Rights without all the bullshit, visit KingCast.net.

Here's the buzz:

PS: He had better have in interest in this case, given the 7 attempts to shut down this blawg, some of which were attempted by Nashua NAACP President Timmons -- as well as the fact that the indictment was issued the next business day after I notified these creeps about my blawg and its second post, entitled "Why the NAACP is a sellout organization," and here's why:

He sits on the Board of Directors of the National Coalition Against Censorship.

Blawg yahtzee: What part of "I will haunt the NAACP" did they not understand? At least Victor will not likely have to resign under scandalous attorney ethics violations like his predecessor, Elaine R. Jones. BTW, the Elephants do it too, she just got caught.

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