26 May 2006

KingCast wishes Malcolm X a belated happy birthday.

I was meaning to post up about him and the Anniversary of Roger Troutman's death and never got to them. Here is a good multimedia entry from Cleveland Indy Media, where my former boss Terry Gilbert is zealously representing Carol Fisher, who took a police beat-down in my hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Malcolm X -- or Malik Shabazz -- appears frequently in this blawg.

For more on Carol, who was posting anti-Bush signs at the time of her arrest, and who was then charged with felonious assault on a police officer, read the 9 May 2005 World Can't Wait entry about good ol' Judge McGinty shipping her off to the gulag and a psychological evaluation stating:
"I want to find out if there were other hysterical behaviors, martyrdom-type acts, where she's purposely getting arrested, or going through these type of things for attention, or whatever the issues are. Maybe she thinks, in her mind, that going to jail will help the cause, and she wants to sacrifice her freedom for the cause."

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