29 May 2006

KingCast presents: Washington-Sharapova; Tennis heirarchy II.

What's wrong with this picture? Frankly, not much! Two beautiful women out there doing their thing. The only problem in my book is that underdog Mashona lost to Maria this time, in Paris despite holding 3 match points I think -- but she does know how to beat her, having done so at Pilot Pen here in CT. Here's a story from my old newspaper, the IndyStar. Mashona's brother knows a few things about hitting a tennis ball as well, having reached the finals at Wimbledon, 1996. Mal -- good enough to capture victories over all of the heavies of his day -- runs a children's foundation and is about to find out all about this hideous situation in Columbus, Ohio where the School Board Superintendent has committed, and continues to commit, criminal negligence in my opinion. Even teachers are scared to comment.

Blawg yahtzee:
1. Tennis heirarchy #1.
2. Scalia's forehand and ethics suck.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the vets

Christopher King said...

Indeed. They, including my Uncle Joe, fought and died...


for my right to produce this blawg -- which will soon feature one hell of a short film about children's rights in Columbus, Ohio.

That's the KingCast way.


Christopher King said...

PS: Of course Gloria Timmons is a veteran too, but she's a goddamn corporate shill and a liar, under Oath.

Spend a day just reading her lies right here, and listen to her lie under Oath at the link marked "Her."


Corporate shill? You bet. War monger BAE sponsors the Nashua Branch:


Ummmm..... Peace.