30 May 2006

KingCast presents: A vote of 'no confidence' for Columbus Public School Supe. Gene Harris and NAACP, known protectors of child abuse.

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Dirty pool
I don't know how I missed this vote of 'No Confidence' by the Columbus, Ohio's teacher's union about the School Board Superintendent who apparently doesn't give a damn that known felon James Drennen body slams district school chilluns', but KingCast.net won't miss it in the movie, you bet. West High teachers know what time it is: Ouster time!

Now I'm off to New Hampshire to see if they and the sellout/under-Oath liars at the NAACP can fabricate another reason to try to lock me up while I perform a Categorical Good: addressing systemic police and government abuse. They'll make the movie, too.

KingCast.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.

PS: I bet CPS better allow PASS co-director James Whitaker to speak at the 6 June 2006 school board meeting or that movie gets even better. Or worse, from the children's perspective. Remember that case I initiated that John Waddy, Esq. finished after Columbus gave me the boot? You know -- the one about viewpoint-based unlawful prior restraint on First Amendment freedoms brought by Jerry Doyle, who now sits in jail for complaining about $200K in fraud at the school board, for which administrator Sherry Bird Long did no jail time and got a $40/mo. payment plan from Judge David E. Cain. The same judge lied on me and sanctioned me in the Lemaster pregnancy case without evidentiary hearing, in violation of Substantive and Procedural Due Process.

In case CPS forgot, this Freedom Forum story will remind their hateful asses. And you can watch His Honor issue his hatefully insouciant head-flip toward me in the Lemaster hearing in American Lawyer #1 at KingCast.net

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