24 May 2006

KingCast presents: A U.S. Justice Department securities subpoena and possible indictment for American Tower Corp.

Well James ol' Boy, looks like Boston Globe scooped you on the U.S. Justice Department securities subpoena regarding how corporations pay their elite. Read this Wireless Week story, too. And I really like this one, 'gone are the days of a hard day's work for an honest dollar,' in the Wireless Report Blog piece, Stock option grant situation plagues American Tower.

Whatever is or is not proved by the inquiry, I have certainly proved that American Tower/Corp and their lawyers are reptilian-slick'n'sleazy corporate pigs, going into this blawg illegally and getting reversed by blogger attorneys. What a shame, because there are plenty of responsible/companies out there who treat employees right and don't violate known law. All of my detractors are getting shot down in flames just prior to my criminal trial. Look at those public school board haters in Columbus, abusing children and covering it up.

This is a good summary piece with pictures of ATC slime bags Jim Taiclet Aileen Torrance, Esq. about how the Company lied to Chief Dunn to help get me indicted and reduce my bargaining power during my lawsuit against ATC -- in which they violated a Federal Discovery Cour ORDER, by the way, much to the chagrin me me and my well-seasoned attorney Scott A. Lathrop, Esq. -- in a ridiculous case in New Hampshire where I tried to help Willie Toney, the victim of police abuse.

And I'm telling every reporter who covers this story about the fact that my letter to former ATC Chairman Dodge resulted in me getting fired, even tough Corey Surett, Esq. and the Department of Labor concurred that overtime was owed in a $300,000.00 settlement. They should have paid more. Now maybe they will.

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Bruce Cutler said...

If you had your license you could try and put together a class action lawsuit, at a minimum for nuisance value.

Christopher King said...

Or I could just encourage others, and point them to previously-filed pleadings, and give them my exhibits and affidavits as to how I know ATC backdated lease agreements and other shit all the time.

And that's not UPL.

I hereby encourage others, then, to contact me for that dirt. Ironic that the full 7% of my meager salary was set for stock as noted in this letter to Chairman Dodge that got me fired right after I axed for overtime pay for me and the other knaves:


Heck if I stuck around I could have been like all the little people at Enron that I am about to post about:

Skillfully laid, Enron goes down.