30 May 2006

KingCast presents: A syllogism for Judge Arnold and NAACP on Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn's incriminating deposition.

An open letter to Judge Arnold:
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You continued this case for three (3) primary reasons in the telephonic hearing that you requested we not record, which was perhaps an hour long and will cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to produce:

1. The State had witness lodging and travel issues;
2. I had not provided Devon Sawyer, J.D.'s phone number to the State;
3. I allegedly made incriminating statements when I conducted a Deposition of Chief Dunn on 18 Nov. 2005.

As a Rhetoric minor, I will address these in seriatim as I prepare the syllogism for the World to consider:

1. I don't care; not my problem. Whatsoever. Prosecutor Albrecht, who repeatedly ignored my attempts to clarify this case before the Grand Jury, is a grown man, dawg. The taxpayers (wrongfully) entrusted him to handle his business without wasting their money.
2. I provided the number nearly two (2) months ago and as of 25 May 2006 the State still had not telephoned Mr. Sawyer -- who provided me police abuse victim Willie Toney's phone number on a matchbook as file manager at Worcester, Mass' Eden & Rafferty. This is contrary to the statements issued in the major media by Chief Dunn that Mr. Toney had not sought to file a complaint and that I somehow cajoled him into so doing.
3. The syllogism. You wrote, as noted in this 23 May 2006 post containing Prosecutor Albrecht's specious motion not to provide a copy of the Depo. to the State after obtaining and reviewing it:
"...[T]he Court finds that the State's argument that Chief Dunn's Deposition is important to the State's case in light of recent disclosures that [Mr. King] made potentially incriminating statements during the course of the civil deposition compelling. The State shall obtain a transcript of Chief Dunn's deposition at its own expense within 30 days or request an extension for good cause."

Given that foundation, then:
i. The State -- obviously based on representations by Chief Dunn -- believed that I made incriminating statements at his Deposition.
ii. The State is required to produce a copy of any statements issued by me that it intends to use against me at trial, as well as any excuplatory evidence, per Rule 98.
iii. Therefore the Deposition does not contain any incriminating statements and the entire Deposition is exculpatory because it shows Chief Dunn to be a goddamn liar -- which I have said all along. Here he is:

Let's not forget in this 18 November 2005 (day of his Depo.) post I note that he said I constructed the Demand/Letter without any research when you can clearly see I read all the relevant police reports, spoke with Mr. Toney and contacted the Court before putting pen to paper, finger to keyboard. He had no reason in his/response -- broadcast to all matter of NAACP brass -- to claim I was "obviously a disturbed individual with fantasies about my accomplishments." Who the hell is he to say that? A white man bestowed with a badge and white-skin privilege? What a f*cking hater. Even his white subjects want him out of office.

And let's not forget Chief Dunn's logorrhea lies to police taser victim Charlie Duffy, who did not before this blawg know me from Adam, but who is going to be present at trial as rebuttal witness to verify receipt of this email from Chief Dunn where he lies to Mr. Duffy about me being escorted by police from American Tower Corp. after respectfully demanding overtime pay, a request affirmed by the goddamn U.S. Department of Labor -- and you can hear DOL managing attorney Corey Surett, Esq. leave me a message in this 24 Nov. 2005 post regarding another overtime case I settled while working for Ana Crnilovic-Phillips, Esq. She was ironically at the time of my alleged offense the daughter-in-law of a Jaffrey Police Chief who in contrast to Chief Dunn, had never brought shame to the town, nor did other men in blue call him a "slime-bag."

I respectfully think you were wrong not to allow my attorneys -- including former Hillsborough County lead prosecutor David Horan -- to review Chief Dunn's suspension file considering that Jaffrey Town Attorney Debra Ford claimed, without lawsuit or retraction mind you, that Dunn was punished for keeping improper files on town employees and citizens -- exactly what I accused him of doing to me.

Pardon my language, Your Honor, but being a Man of Reason, I think you can understand, particularly in light of the fact that the Deposition contains misstatements by Chief Dunn about my career in general and in specific at American Tower Corp. Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips and I were fired for complaining about crooked corporate abuses, including overtime pay and outright violation of Texas Property code 91.005. Currently, this company is responding to a Department of Justice securities fraud subpoena. Moreover, Blogger lawyers determined tricked them into excising pertinent posts critical to my defense from this blawg, thereby reinstating them.

At KingCast.net, watch the American Tower pattern of abuse in American Lawyer II and III, including obtaining an unlawful restraining order against me immediately after I wrote an extremely well-stated, non-violent letter to Chairman Dodge about morale at the company vis a vis my stock purchase.

Some of my detractors -- Always in the first instance government officials who didn't like my shift from Ohio Assistant Attorney General to Civil Rights lawyer --most notably Judge Sheward in Ohio (in video I have preserved) have claimed I am "the worst lawyer in the world."

I respectfully dissent and await your decision on the merits of my argument in our Final Pretrial Conference 1 June, 2006 -- because while I don't ask Judge Sheward or you to like me, I do respectfully ask you to mete out Justice in anything other than Draconian measure.

With this Deposition issue I creeped inside the baseline after slicing away -- a knick here, a cut there -- at the State's "case" to nail a backhand winner down the line; out of reach. At the bottom of the page there is an instructive video.

The World will be a much better place -- especially for school children (second paragraph), once KingCast.net is able to operate without this albatross wrested upon its neck so that we may address ongoing abuse in schools, which is what we are about to do in ways heretofore unseen in the history of this country. Did you know I had a non-profit group designed to address at-risk youth with NH Association of Guidance Directors President Mike Dolphin as Board member? Sure did, but this bullshit case forced my resignation.

KingCast.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.

Blawg yahtzee: Doomsday for Dunn: Deposition transcript due.

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