26 May 2006

KingCast Presents: A ruling from Judge Arnold on Jaffrey Chief Dunn's Deposition in the NAACP/King extortion case.

Fact: As noted herein, (or is it therein?) Prosecutor Albrecht has repeatedly wasted taxpayer dollars by delaying trial on several occasions, most recently in order to obtain a copy of Chief Dunn's Deposition, which he originally sought to make me pay for, even though it was going to be used against me for allegedly incriminating statements. Judge Arnold granted the continuance over vehement objection and now Albrecht, having read about how "slime-bag" and alleged nigger-hater/extortionist Chief Dunn and Charlie Bauer laugh about the prospect of me getting my ass reamed in prison, along with tons of exculpatory issues that will be addressed at Final Pretrial, contemptably disregards the Court ORDER and Rule 98. Sorry Bill, but Judge Arnold has to review that transcript and order it made part of the Court file now that you got a continunace to obtain it. Or am I just another nigger in New Hampshire?

Fact: As noted herein, Prosecutor Albrecht obtained the most recent continuance because he did not have the phone number of former Eden & Rafferty file manager Devon Sawyer, J.D. -- who along with Attorney Ana C. Phillips, Esq. -- ironically the former daughter-in-law of the prior non-disgraced Jaffrey Police Chief lost their jobs at American Tower Corp. supporting me and the Cause of Justice for other knaves. American Tower, BTW is now answering a U.S. Justice Department subpoena for securities fraud, not exactly dissimilar to the Enron rapistsin my humble opinion.

But I digress. Albrecht as of yesterday still has not called Mr. Sawyer, who will be at trial to testify about that matchbook he gave me with Willie Toney's name on it, contrary to the public statements made by NAACP and Chief Dunn that I sought him out and trumped-up his complaint relative to facing 3 drawn undercover guns and a visual body cavity search for "loitering," which he beat pro se.

My open question to His Honor, then, is whether he will disprove the notion that New Hampshire -- even though I love it in many ways -- is still a redneck outpost, being the last State in the Union to respect Martin Luther King.

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