23 May 2006

KingCast presents: Prosecutor Albrecht defies court order in NAACP extortion case.

I have told you on prior occasion where the State of New Hampshire doesn't give a shit about Due Process in my case. Here's another example, where Prosecutor Bill Albrecht stands in complete violation of Superior Court Rule 98(B)(3). He also got tomorrow's Final Pretrial continued to a date not set by the Court. Unbelievable.

First of all, Judge Arnold's goddamn court ORDER, as noted in Albrecht's motion, reads as follows although Albrecht left out the Good Part I have highlighted
"...[T]he Court finds that the State's argument that Chief Dunn's Deposition is important to the State's case in light of recent disclosures that [Mr. King] made potentially incriminating statements during the course of the civil deposition compelling. The State shall obtain a transcript of Chief Dunn's deposition at its own expense within 30 days or request an extension for good cause."

Second, the Rule requires production of exculpatory evidence. The indictment was issued the next business day after I sent this email notifying Dunn and NAACP of this blawg, with the critical post "Why the NAACP is a sellout organization." That is relevant because in the Deposition Dunn states the he finds this blawg "despicable," and a reasonable trier of fact could find that the entire indictment was set forward out of malice and irrespective of the law. And if that's not good enough, I catch him red-handed issuing lies about how I allegedly proceeded to write the Demand Letter without conducting any investigation -- even though it is obvious by the letter that I did indeed read the police reports -- all of which is exculpatory because it shows Good Faith. Duh. Now that they bought it, it has to be produced. Sorry, guys ordering it was your mistake :)

Third, they got the extension to call former Eden & Rafferty file manager Devon Saywer, J.D. - who gave me police abuse victim Willie Toney's name on a matchbook because Mr. Toney's friend was an E&R client, contrary to what NAACP and Chief Dunn represented to the media at large - yet as of 21 May 2006 more than 6 weeks have passed and they still haven't called that lil' nigger boy.

Blawg yahtzee: Doomsday for Dunn: Deposition Transcript Due.


Atticus Finch said...

The judge still has to rule. His position, that he is not going to use the transcript and therefore is not obliged to give it to you, is on its face logical. Quite a game we have going here. Good luck.

Is there a hearing tomorrow, or are they still trying to ice you?

Horn Dog said...

If this maneuvering gets the civil case re-opened I am all for it.

Will you wait for a ruling to respond?

Christopher King said...

Atticus what you are missing is this:

1. His rationale for obtaining it, i.e. that I issued incriminating comments, comes up bogus. Also, in the hearing, conducted by telephone -- that Judge Arnold did not allow us to tape record -- he bellowed "I am not going to move forward on this case until I have that transcript." Bullshit on that, apparently.

2. The exculpatory nature of much of the content in the Depo. should warrant its production.

3. Last but definitely not least has it occurred to you that I argued the exact same thing in the Civil Case "I'm not going to use the Deposition" yet they compelled me to produce it and threw the case out when I couldn't!

This is redneck justice all the way guys, with the NAACP all up in that hillbilly house.

Goddamn niggers.

And we're gonna show you more of it when we return from Columbus at KingCast.net.


Christopher King said...

PS. I have instructed counsel to issue a response, and yes His Honor has yet to rule.

I can only hope he does the Just and noble thing because what's good for them in the civil is good for us in the criminal, right?

Ya, shoor.

Christopher King said...


Yes, they iced the hearing to keep my cameras away, no doubt.

Whatever. Like I said, that motherfucker can just prepare for trial so we can get it on.


Snot_Rocket said...

You make a good point. What kind of shit is this they are talking, that you incriminated yourself in the deposition?

You were the moving party in the civil case, its not beyond reason to compel you to plead a case or go packing.

In your opinion, what element of their case will the transcript create a reasonable doubt to its existence/occurence?

This is very interesting, I hope you make a successful defense. At any rate, it seems personal.

horn dog said...

Could Maria be intimidated by the stereotypical black penis? Sounds like you whip that thing arounds some. Maybe that's the cause of the denial of her hand. Damn, King.

Christopher King said...

Snotty: Even if I did incriminate myself in the deposition, now that they have it and now say they don't wanna use it, speaks volumes.

The Civil case was well plead and should have proceeded to trial as is. I'm filing a Motion to Reconsider and an appeal to the NH Supreme Court, because think of this, as I noted on prior occasion:

How can the Court dismiss the case against Timmons/Levesque/NAACP for not obtaining Chief Dunn's Depo?

Where is there material harm or prejudice, even if we conceed (I don't) that it was lawful to ORDER me to produce the Depo. Think about what a rule of law that is:

Anytime you defend a Depo. you can make opposing counsel order said Depo., and if they don't you can get their case dimissed with prejudice?

The decision besmirches the legal communitay, but it is personal. They started it by labeling me a felon even though I had offered to show Albrecht and the Grand Jury all the relevant documents that guarantee my acquittal; could have saved the taxpayers an assload of monay.

Horn Dog: Proulx shakes hands with all kinds of men who have penises that probably don't look as good as mine. And Gosh knows where their hands have been.

Besides, it's really not all THAT big.