26 May 2006

KingCast presents: Pixar/Disney's 'Cars'...It is hardly the Tao of Steve.

It's no secret I dig Steve McQueen, and high school classmates Greer and Jenn Goodman address the Tao of Steve as well. Heck, even touching one of his cars, a 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera, was a rush.

But today we have petrol at its highest, and the biggest driving weekend of the year, and out comes Disney/Pixar with a lead character named "Lightning McQueen." You can buy it at Walmart today but if you're a black manager try not to get arrested for buying several for your employees, and of course if you are former Bushco Domestic Police advisor Claude Allen, please make sure to save your receipts hahahaaaa... dumb-assed criminal-minded brotha'...... Anyway, the movie is guaranteed to fuel our passion for the automobile, and is aptly-titled, "Cars." Nigga' please.

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Puzzler: See if you can spot the real McQueen on this page. Hint: It ain't that lil' red car. Anyway, I might not be schtupping Ali McGraw, and I've got absolutely no cinematic credits to my name, but my motorcycle is likely faster than any bike Steve ever rode :)

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