18 May 2006

KingCast presents: Phooey on Cousin Mike, Sir Charles and Rasheed Wallace part deux; or "Piston-slap."

So the other day Sir Charles, whom I actually like a lot, and Mike Wilbon, whom I also like a lot, cracked on my home team Cavaliers when CB just flat out said "It will be the Pistons" a coupla' days ago. Ha! Then Cousin Mike got into the action in his WashPost column:
"Is it possible Miami can beat the presumptive champion Detroit Pistons?"
It might happen but it won't be any kind of a walk-over because the Cavs whipped that ass the last 3 in a row =^.)

I call it "Piston-slap."

One day you guys will learn: Cleveland nigguh's come with much game. You guys should write a book about that; I've enjoyed your other ones!

This is phooey #1.

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