24 May 2006

KingCast Presents: NAACP, Bill Albrecht and Charlie Bauer vs. 10,000 screaming mothers.

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Angry Mother #1
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Angry Mother#2
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Reason for anger

Hi. I'm Bill Albrecht and I like to waste taxpayer money, even though I did finally dismiss the felony mischief charges against Kevin Hall after he repeatedly mutilated himself in our Cheshire County Jail and nobody did jack shit about it and I refused to talk to CourtTV about it, either.
For example, watch me on KingCast in the short film "Oreo" try to shut down this blawg, which was a waste of time and money.
For example, when Chris King called my office last year to offer information, and then sent/letters asking to come before the Grand Jury, I ignored his black ass. Instead I listened to the NAACP, who told the media that the NAACP "does not sue, or threaten to sue any party" -- which led me to actually write in a brief that King had no Good Faith belief that the NAACP as an entity would sue even though now I know the NAACP as an entity sues all the damn time.

For example, I continue to ignore the fact that my primary witness Gloria Timmons admitted under Oath that King did not violate any NAACP bylaws, nor did his Demand Letter to Chief Dunn indicate he was a licensed attorney. But I got that growed-up pickaninny nigger all up in my camp; look how she smiles and respects my white skin privilege like the obsequious, gutless negroes that she and the NAACP really are:

For example, I abused taxpayer money by getting another continuance in a telephone hearing that Judge Arnold requested not be taped, in which I argued for the continuance and said on the (expensive to produce) record: "I'm not going forward without [Chief Dunn's Civil] Deposition."

Now I got the deposition, at a cost of nearly another $1,000.00 of your hard-earned money and I have again engaged the expensive machinery of the State to file a specious motion not to provide it to King, his counsel or to the court system, in blatant contravention of Court ORDER and Rule 98, because I now have seen how fucked-up Chief Dunn acted in it, what with him and high-priced white male of privilege Charlie/Bauer (another tax money waster) laughing about the possibility of Mr. King getting his ass reamed in prison and a whole lot of other shit that's going to come out one way or another at trial.

For example, I also got the continuance allegedly because Mr. King had not provided me witness Devon Saywer, J.D.'s phone number, who as file manager at Eden & Rafferty, gave Mr. King a matchbook with Willie Toney's phone number on it. But I still haven't called that lil' nigger boy as of 9:16 a.m. 24 May 2006, 6 weeks later. That is because I don't want to disturb Chief Dunn's lies as reported in the Nashua Telegraph: "Toney, in fact, had never complained about mistreatment until King contacted the town." See, I know that Mr. Toney, who suffered the police abuse, detailed herein, was looking for some kind of help all along.

For example, at trial I'm going to waste some more money by assailing Mr. King as the Bad Boy of Columbus law, but then his attorney will rehabilitate the witness by noting that he just finished several days of filming after being called down there because the NAACP and Columbus officials have ignored the physical abuse occasioned on two school children by a known felon, as noted in these stories 1, 2, 3. I guess I'll have to try to keep all the mothers off of the petit jury..... as well as any males who may have had a run in with the police..... as well as anyone who has been to college who has a grasp on the First Amendment.

As well as.... oh, what the hell, I'll just clone myself, Chief Dunn and Charlie Bauer each 4 times to make twelve, and hope we don't need an alternate. Or I can just shoot that cocky-assed nigger right in his bleeding heart with my 30-ot when he rolls up here on his Yamaha. I'll get bonus points if he's still moving, right?

Yep. That's me: I'm Bill Albrecht, and I'm a down-presser man.

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Anonymous said...

Whup that Trick C-Dog! And file a motion to reconsider, these facts you present plainly need a more conscientious review by the court.

Christopher King said...


Of course the Court is, or should be aware of most of these facts.

Chant down Babylon.