30 May 2006

KingCast presents -- Dispatch letter to editor: School Board is the problem

Check out this quick letter from 25 May 2006 regarding Board Member Groce's attempted beat-down of responsible teachers like this one who wrote in to try to help those students who were assaulted by known felon James Drennen.

I've been on top of education issues for years and I somewhat rhetorically ask when will the Dispatch cover this story showing how Gene Harris betrays the Oath of her office and wastes her highfalutin' education the massuh' done gave her? Probably never, given my experience with them. When I got Michael Isreal $57,500.00 for Driving While Black, they called opposing counsel Jeff Mando and printed a quote from him; never even called my black ass. See, I was a photojournalist and editor of Cincinnati Call & Post, then a reporter for the IndyStar when they wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning Medical Malpractice story before law school at Case Western Reserve, and I've got reporters all up in my family, so I know about responsible journalism. Can't fool this nigga' 'bout nothin'.

Well fuck 'em if they don't cover it -- because coverage by KingCast.net is imminent.

Perhaps one day they can explain why they haven't covered the documented disrespect and fuckin' cursing that CPS School Board President Terry Boyd committed as you can hear in this goddamn audioblawg. Silly-assed, profane motherfucker he is.

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