24 May 2006

KingCast Presents: CPS Supe. Gene Harris joins the fray with her wasted PhD.

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Dirty pool
You know, I ain't even gonna' say nothin'. Well, okay, I will: Some folks told me I wasted my law degree. Pshaw. She did, however, waste her damn PhD, protecting the CPS empire like a hegemonic/warlord, protecting a multiple felon and screwing school children in the bum-bum. Now Gene you and Nashua NAACP "leader" Gloria Timmons take those pens and write down whatever the massuh' tells you. Go ahead, step'n'fetchit, ladies. Some folks wonder why I be datin' white girls -- well some of you sistuh's ain't showing me shit.

Damn, that was so wrong. But it's funny though.
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Naw he dinn't

Oh, and book, litch: When that jerk Boyd hung up on Ms. Stokes, he said to her when she complained about your letter being full of lies and a personal attack on her, "this isn't about you -- this is about your daughter." Got that on tape. But your letter contains all kinds of material that is at once arguably untrue and definitely irrelevant to her daughter being body slammed by a known felon. I don't give a shit whether her sons shot the Pope, honestly. The only issue for you to address -- as jerk Boyd indicated -- is the fact that scores of witnesses saw a young girl get body slammed, as noted in the goddamn police report.

When I sued my erstwhile drinking buddy Mary Jo Kilroy, Esq. because she truncated my 3 minutes of public participation while I was addressing the Board about Mr. Hurt's son's broken nose, I knew the case would get thrown out even though she clearly violated my First Amendment Rights. I guess I knew back then that one day the Internet would fix all of that. And I didn't give a rat's ass that her husband, Bob Handleman, Esq. worked cases with my former boss and friend Terry Gilbert, Esq. -- who sure had a few choice things to say about the First Amendment and me vis a vis KingCast at its inception. As I told Mary Jo back in the Day:

"Your job is to sit in that chair and take it."

And if you did your job, you wouldn't have to "take it." Let me ask you, is James Drennen a protected government informant? Is that why you and the prosecutors --including my former fiancee's friend and another erstwhile drinking buddy Bill Hedrick, Esq. -- are coddling him? All I give a shit about are those school chilluns', baby. In the words of jerk Boyd "Didn't I tell you that?"

Blawg Yahtzee: CPS abuses children #1, #2, #3, #4.

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Anonymous said...

One thing's for sure. Nowhere in Gene Harris' letter to the mother did she say the administrators did an investigation or called the police or Child Protective Services. Instead, Harris states the she and whoever else she is referring to believes Mr. Holmes and his administrative team acted appropriately.

Who does this woman think she is? God!

Linda Harris said...

Why did the superintendent refer to James Drennen as a non-student of West High School, and why is our superintendent trying to mislead our school board by implying James Drennen, an adult criminal, is just a student at the wrong school? If I received that letter, I would question its intent. I hope the mother ask where Harris investigation report is because it looks like the superintendent's letter is the extent of it.

Christopher King said...

Oh, yeah, they are living foul. And we're going to put it out all over the World with your help.

As I told a number of people the direction of KingCast.net will be to document these abuses in real time with video. People need to get together and pass the hat for my film maker -- who has a history of documenting the lives of nontraditional heroes -- and me because we aren't trying to get rich with this thing; we'll have plenty of opportunity to do that later.

Right now it's about the Justice.


Tear the roof off the sucker, tear the roof off the mother... tear the roof off the sucker... we got a real type of thing.....

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher at West High School. I know the girls were attacked by those men because it was all over school the next day, and no, I did not call the police. I did not call the police because it would have done no good and I would have lost my job. I wish I were braver. Keep going, Mr. King, our school is a cesspool of intimidation and fear because of the type of principals they put in place, and after hearing the statements made to the mother by our school board president, Terry Boyd, our district is a cesspool and I am sadly and ashamedly part of it. I also heard about James Drennen coming back on school property and theatening another family. It just doesn't pay to lie. Although Mr. Holmes has worked very hard on denegrating the mother and her children, the stories were never true. I have met all three of Mrs. Stokes' children and I have nothing bad to say about her or her children. She is soft-spoken and her children have always been respectful. I also know the other student and she, also, has always been respectful. And although I have never met James Drennen, I have heard about him and none of the information has been good. This is not the first time Mr. Drennen has been in our school threatening people. Hopefully, the girls will see justice. Our principal Mr. Holmes ignored James Drennen to get back at those kids and their mother. He's arrogant and a criminal. To sell out those children for the likes of James Drennen was egregious. He is no better than James Drennen, probably worse, because he's supposed to care about children. I will keep checking in on your web page and making comments. As long as I remain anonymous, there is nothing they can do, but I did want to help in some way; therefore, if I hear anything, the persons on your web page will also hear it. Right now, I know he's trying to expel both the girls (I don't know why. According to the gossip mill, the girls were not involved in a fight.) I guess he needs to continue trying to make them look bad to cover up what he has done, but I was able to get the girl's discipline records. Before they were attacked on February 14, 2006. They both had a tardy. That was it. Sounds like retaliation, Mr. Holmes... Your staff is watching Mr. Holmes and we are not rooting for you!!!

Christopher King said...

Dear Anonymous teacher:

I have responded.


See you soon, even if I won't know who you are. You'll know when we come down to shoot for the movie. I appreciate your candor and I wish you could come forward but even what you have done is remarkable considering the beat-down mentality of the Columbus infrastructure.

Can you forward those records to PASS? Just send them Priority mail, return receipt requested and they will get them to my film maker and me.


JAMED_D said...

You people need to get a life. You people couldnt get a story right if it fell directly into your laps.
You people are crazy. And for the teacher you are a big dummy how you became a teacher gets me a bunch of cowards scared to stand up and be the men or women they supposed to be but acting like a bunch of children face me keep it real ill meet anyone anytime name the time and place

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a coward, Mr. Drennen, just like you and just like the principal of West High School and just like our Superintendent. If there was an investigation at West High School with regard to the attack on the girls, I don't know who they talked to because they didn't talk to the staff and they gave no indication that they talked to any students that saw it. Believe me, Mr. Drennen, I am disgusted with my fear. How about you? Are you disgusted by your fear?

Christopher King said...

I'm going to call James Drennen this morning. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, read this post containing a link to a very hypocritical statement made by Superintendent Harris, where she says, regarding the Mifflin gang rape cover-up, that police need to be informed of violent incidents "no matter what."



JAMED_D said...

You know im tired of all this bogus rumors going around about me .Everyone that knows me and my daughter have done none of the above claims. True my daughter got into a fight but i didn't so i wish you men and women hurry and get your facts right because a man did it for real but not this man , and i hope and pray that you people hurry and caught the right person so i can clear my name . But then again it really doesn't matter because i can go on living my life and leave it up to god because i know i did no wrong doing!! So good luck in your investigations and let me know if i can help in anyway

S_Winbush said...

Hi this is one of the students who attends a columbus public school and my situation is a little different. I didn't know exactly how to become a member and I figured that maybe you can put my situation out there for everyone to know. I attend Linden Mckinley highschool and when I got there I informed all of my teachers and principals that as a freshmen I had intentions on geting out in 3 years instead of 4. well 2 make things a little short now that our old principle Mr.Jenkins has left and our vice principle Mr. Errington has become the new principle everything has changed they've completely ignored the fact that I am working towards getting out of highschool and graduating with a full ride by the year 2008. They have put me in classes with the lables of the ones I have earned but when I'm in the classes, what they are teaching is completely unrelated to the level that it is supposed to be on. Then when it is time for parent teacher conference they always try to convince my mom and I that next semester or next year will be better. I believe that because it is comming down to my last few years of high school I don't have time to wait and depend on unreliable people to give me what I need for college therefore I wanted to know what every reader out there thought about what I should do about my situation and if there are any people out there who can help me in my situation could you please post some comments for me. Thanks!
Sanvera Winbush

Christopher King said...

I will put you in contact with some people at Justice for Kids who may be able to help.

Watch this space.


S_Winbush said...

Thank you. I'll keep watching.