20 May 2006

KingCast presents: Audiotape of Columbus School Board President Terry Boyd covering up West High attack also ignored by the NAACP.

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gang rape

1. On 2 January 2006 I told you about the NAACP and Columbus Public Schools ignoring the video-taped Gang Rape of a black girl at Mifflin High School.
2. On 17 May 2006 I told you about how my former Client Jerry Doyle was arrested for complaining about convicted School Board thief Shirley Bird Long, who ironically -- or perhaps not -- served no jail time.
3. Now in another sad state of affairs, my erstwhile drinking buddy Prosecutor Bill Hedrick (he was a classmate of my fiancee's and a pretty chill pup) finds himself in a sticky wicket because convicted felon James Drennan and some co-horts savagely attacked (as in body-slamming, and Timberland-boot weilding) two young girls at West High school, but as usual they covered it up and failed to assist the prosecutor and police. So now Bill has to roll up his sleeves and do the right thing to get Drennan arrested for these attacks. See Police Report No. 060138260. They did the same thing with my client Wes Hurt's son back in the day who got his nose broken by a pack of kids back in the 90's and that is the very subject matter I am seen addressing in my tennis togs at "Live Revolution" over at KingCast.net when I say "we're here, trying to get some answers from the Board...."

Stay tuned for an upload of many, many more JPEG files on this matter.

Anyway, according to a legally-recorded phone interview between Ms. Stokes, (one of the assualt victims mother's) and School Board President Terry Boyd I just listened to, Superintendent Gene Harris investigated and found nothing wrong. But then he says he's going to call her to see if she investigated. Say, what? Boyd's a real hater on the phone, too:
"I don't get paid to do this. This is a volunteer situation and I'll be damned if I'm gonna' volunteer to go through this.... I didn't have to call you back. You can talk all that concerned mother stuff all you want...."
These are excerpts from an email sent to CPS by Columbus historian and my former videographer James Whitaker and his group, Parent Advocates for Students in School(PASS) a group who counsels their clients on rights and responsibilities concerning the welfare, safety, educational and emotional well-being of children, with an eye toward responsible decision-making by school districts, social service agencies and criminal justice systems.
We have now spoken to three mothers. Each one talks about their experience in knowing James Drennen. One mother stated James E. Drennen came to her home with a gun and threatened to shoot her family. She and her husband were not home at the time. She reported it to the school administration and the police. Prior to that, James Drennen had came into the school and threatened another young man's life in front of a group of students. A year ago, James Drennen and his daughter had attacked another child. Another mother said her son who is a student at West High School saw James Drennen put a gun to someone's face. All of these things occurred before James E. Drennen, his daughter, his brother and another female adult attacked Angelica Russell and Tamika Stokes on February 14, 2006 at the basketball game at West High School. The administration and other personnel at West High School was aware of these stories surrounding James Drennen and did nothing. James Drennen was not even issued a no trespass letter.

James Drennen and his family came back on school property Friday, March 3, 2006, and threatened the children as they were boarding the school bus. He threatened to "bust a cap in their asses". He was singling out Angelica Russell as one of the bitches and hoes he was going to kill. Ms. Kent reported it to Customer Relations. The police were not called, the parents were not called and her supervisor was not called. Carol Harper, supervisor/ombudsman of the Customer Relations, called Arnold Holmes who could only say he and his staff hadn't observed anything.

James Drennen, a convicted felon whose crimes include manslaughter, felonious assault, robbery, theft, and possession of crack cocaine, was arrested the night he attacked the girls for falsification instead of the assault on the girls.

Another PASS email to CPS notes from Mr. Whitaker notes that recently-departed (read: forced-out) CPS school attorney Giselle Johnson, who retaliated by giving him a no trespass letter on 18 May, 2005, is a liar on a related matter:
Although Giselle Johnson stated that the Ohio Supreme Court had found all of the allegations against attorneys involving Frank Mitchell have been closed and determined unfounded in a letter dated February 22, 2006, her statement is false. Furthermore, in a recent conversation, Jonathan Coughlan of the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel, assured us that the statement made by Giselle Johnson concerning the "Ohio Supreme Court" was not true.
Giselle Johnson, my nemesis in several School Board issues, was put to pasture in April, 2006. I've got some nice video of her being a jerk in the courtroom from back in the day though, you bet.

I'm seriously thinking about moving back to Columbus for a stint. I'll have more power now than I did as an attorney, and I will rally all of those clients of mine who had problems with Columbus Public Schools as only a strong Civil Rights attorney can do, suspended or not. They will pay my rent or give me free things because that's what they did back in the day when they couldn't afford to pay me as well. Heck, maybe the Ohio Supremes will want to waive those fines and give me the license back so they can effectively restrict my speech =^.)

KingCast.net: Because PASS and James Whitaker have much more video to share.


Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar from Ms. Stokes:

TABITHA STOKES stokestl4332@yahoo.com wrote:

I had the opportunity to view your web page featuring the attack on my daughter and her friend. It was sent to me via email by Mr. Whitaker and Ms. Kent. My family and I wish to thank you for assistance / concerns with this matter. I will send you another email at a later date.


Ms. Stokes,

Thank you in return. I hope you got a chance to visit KingCast where you can actually see some of the short films using video that Mr. Whitaker rolled nearly ten years ago. Viva technology and there's a lot more where that came from!

We've got Big Plans and you are part of it. I look forward to meeting you and getting you and all the other little people in Columbus some justice. Now since I'm going to post this response on my blawg site, I'll have some other comments for you under separate cover later today or tomorrow.

Terry Boyd is an animal.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe a school system would cover up another attack on a child. This time the attack is by known adult males who have criminal records. What is wrong with this school system? What is wrong with your prosecutors? They should be chomping at the bits to get the bad guys off the street. I feel sorry for the kids in this system. They are truly victims of ignorant adults.

Christopher King said...

Ahhh, but cut and paste together the link below to read the Belcher, Minnis and Doyle cases involving schools and education in Columbus on this page:


It's not a pretty scene because as Jerry Doyle (sitting in jail of course as noted in this story) will tell you, Columbus is a damn Plantation.

Then read the last link on the same page about my belief in education.

I guess I'm just a stubborn kinda' fella' -- got my mind made up on Justice. Yeah yeah yeah.... a yeah yeah yeah.... one more time....

Apologies to Marvin (RIP).

Frank Mitchell said...

"we need change at any cost. we need not fear any man for even the strongest of man can be brought to his knees. all that has to be done is to find a weakness and attack with unrelenting force, eventualy his way will end. and bring about the enevitible change we seek. and will maintain" ( speech to members of J.F.K)

Frank Mitchell
President: Justice For Kids

Christopher King said...

Indeed. I tell you right now my video team, of which Mr. Whitaker has been a member for the last 10 years, is the force that can really, really bust this thing open. And what I said about coming back down there is no joke. All of that can be arranged, provided they don't find a way to lock me up in New Hampshire for speaking out about police abuse up here:

Read Act Two:



We need to plan and take this off line to outline a strategy; wait until you see the kind of video we have.

Not to mention the video that should be maintained by the city and school board, but we don't trust them to maintain anything. That's why we've got our own media, and our own Internet.

And they can't do a goddamn thing about it except hate us -- and continue to hurt children.


Anonymous said...

i'm a sixteen year old girl and all we hear is a boy should never hit a girl why did teachers let a man hit a girl and say nothing

Christopher King said...

They said nothing because to say something would be to acknowledge a security breach.

That's the quick'n'dirty.

Also, it's not cool for girls to hit boys either. Violence in and of itself -- particularly against another living being -- is not cool, period. End of story.

Some fool in high school broke my nose over a girl. He was a big f*cker; I could have had him beat up but instead I sued him and bought my first Yamaha.

Andre Townsend was his name, and prominent Cleveland Lawyer Andy L. Johnson came correct for me. 55 Public Square, Suite 1575.

Sued his parents under homeowner policy limits because as Drennan, he had a known propensity for violence -- a dangerous instramentality that they failed to control.

So yeah, CPS does face potential litigation over this if the parents can ever find a lawyer with enough sack to sue. I was that lawyer. I got ran out of town.

I'm back.


Anonymous said...

As a teacher in the district, I have to be anonymous especially with people like the president of our school board loose. This selling children out to save your own hides is disgusting. The mother is correct. If they can prosecute two children, surely they can prosecute two adult male felons for assaulting two teenage girls at a school event.

The whole time Ms. Crenshaw's trial was going on, this was going on. Our superintendent, the board, and the administrators and school employees at West High School need to be ashamed of themselves. You can't tell me that kids did not talk about this.

As for the way our board president spoke to Ms. Stokes, there is no doubt that this is a verbally abusive man to women. The mother gave him more respect than I would have. Boyd is an abuser; he needs to be removed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I didn't know we voted for a volunteer board member who doesn't get paid. Terry Boyd is stupid, stupid, stupid!

Christopher King said...

We plan to do something about all of this in short order. Keep in touch with Mr. Whitaker or take it off line with me I guarantee your privacy at


Meanwhile I've got my own down-presser man antics trying to lock me up for writing a Demand Letter as NAACP legal redress chair concerning police abuse. Gloria Timmons NAACP Nashua Chair's own Depo. testimony makes it clear I didn't violate any bylaws of the NAACP nor did the Demand Letter indicate that I am still a licensed attorney; that having been taken for a year -- but with prohibitive fines -- by the same hoodlums in Columbus who abuse the children I sought to protect while I was practicing there.



luv a child quotes said...

A Quote for Tabitha Stokes from luv a child

Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of life

Anonymous said...

i know bill hedrick... seems like a no nonsense kind of guy... i believe he will roll up his sleeves and get this guy off the streets...any help from columbus public school officials yet?

Christopher King said...

Luv a Child: Nice work.

Anonymous: As noted, I know Bill Hedrick fairly well, too. I also know McInstosh and I can tell you he is firmly entrenched in the Columbus schemata, even though he is a nice guy otherwise. And he's got a lot more juice in that office than Bill I can tell you that.

What I'm concerned about is that in the petty nature of things, they will use any other reason they can find to arrest and prosecute this guy because to base it off of the Stokes complaint is to risk legal exposure for the school board.

Too bad they've already got legal exposure any damn way. Just gotta' find a lawyer with enough balls to really follow through.

I was that guy, so they had to neuter me -- only to see me grow another pair and come on back for some Good Lovin'.

Anonymous said...

hey drennen been charged with two counts menacing and two counts disorderly conduct at same school

what about the beat down of children you go drennen you must be the man or the mans informant.

BIG_E06 said...

I was there that night and all i have to say is that come on people are you serious he james didn't hit no kids so i will be glad when this goes to court so we can see who the real liars are!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was also there and the police ask the kids did the accused hit them and they no so I say leave him be

Anonymous said...

Tabitha Stokes Is a liarrrrrrrrrrr
and will pay dearly trashing that mans name like that The courts will get you miss lady thats a felony that your trying to pull you do know that dont you!

BIG_E06 said...

my blog GET REAL is the real truth behind this story

Christopher King said...

Drennen is upset. Let's see how he does on the menacing charges, much less these charges.

Let's even assume for one minute that he's telling the truth. That still wouldn't excuse the lack of a report to Childrens' Services or the police.

At least one of the victims sustained a concussion.


the wizard said...

don't worry drennen sounds like the school officials are going to jail with you. quit whining admit you were on drugs do your time and just say no next time

JAMED_D said...

for all haters picture me rolling because you cant beat the court systems and ill prove my self fools

Christopher King said...

hmmmm... okay.

BIG_E06 said...

well well well
i guess mr drennen was right i see all the charges was dismissed alot of people must feel dumb! huh mrs. kent, mr. whiterker, and you mr. king!!!!!!!!!!!
no wonder they barred you out of columbus cause your nothing man face it your a has been time to retire and quit tring cause your no good buddy !!!!!!!!!!!
stick to tennis man hopefully you do that better because your system for court stuff fucking sucks oreo !!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher King said...

Just because the charges were dismissed doesn't mean he didn't do it.

They have been covering up for him all along to avoid liability on the school district.

And as to my skills, I guess you could take that up with the folks in New Hampshire, where I have convinced a panel unanimously that the School Board was violating the First Amendment. Got 2 lawyers, a state rep and an alderman agreeing with me, to boot.

Same arguments I mounted in Columbus, only to have my former friend Mary Jo Kilroy cut me off and call the police.