05 May 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo to my Dad; we beat Peter Kirsanow and the NAACP.

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Liz Phair
On Fat Tuesday I told you how the NAACP network of referral attorneys screwed my father, a 37-year employee of Diamond Shamrock and successors. Well on Cinco de Mayo he faxed me at my sisters to let us know we won that appeal. I'll take the credit for writing that brief, thank you. I win appellate cases for immigrants in the same fashion. Put me anywhere near a neutral arbiter and I'm going to kick some serious ass. That's one reason why they hate me, but hatred and envy are ignorant emotions, people. The NAACP sucks, but I rock.

And if you want to get me for Unlicensed Practice of Law on that case you haters, have at it. It just makes the book and movie all the better: My father (and mother) gave me everything they could in this World, including the high-dollar education I use on this blawg every day. He's worth it.

And it's particularly nice to sustain a victory against Peter Kirsanow, Esq., the current Bush National Labor Relations Board appointee and former U.S. Commissioner on Civil Rights. Chief Dunn: Not a "fantasy," you hater. Wanna ask my father, or just lock his ass up, too? What a coupla' upitty niggas we are, huh, demanding Civil Rights and whatnot. Besides, it looks like Gloria is the one who needs a reality check.

And thanks to my sister during my time of need, but it's all in Honor of Mother Ann, my father's Great-Aunt.

"Keep on keeping on Son," she always told me. I will, Mother Ann. I promise.

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