04 May 2006

Doomsday for Dunn: Deposition transcript due.

Here I watch my lawyers laying down the law to Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht. Tomorrow makes 30 days since the ORDER went out that the State of New Hampshire was to provide a copy of the Civil Deposition that Prosecutor Albrecht claims he wanted. As far as I know that is a non-delegable duty so I expect to get a call from my lawyers, either former Hillsborough County lead prosecutor David Horan or Ayer, Mass' Robert Wilson that they have the Deposition in hand and/or electronically tomorrow, so that I can get to scanning and share it with the Free World. Here are some of the, ummmm.... "highlights":

* Dunn and Bauer laughing about me getting my ass reamed in prison;
* Dunn telling me he could get me some mental help.
* Dunn stating that American Tower never told him about my employee of the week status, of spoliated emails or any court orders that they were indeed subject to as ORDERED by Judge Lindsay to provide the goddamn emails;
* Dunn getting upset with me when I asked him about multi-tasking;
* Dunn rudely interrupting me repeatedly when the purpose of the Deposition (I thought but then what do I know, I'm just a suspended attorney, right?) was for me to ask questions of him;
* Bauer refusing to acknowledge whether he was instructing his client not to answer when I asked him if there was a confidential informant on Willie Toney that night he got jacked up by the police -- because if there was, and we now think that there was -- all Dunn had to do was inform me, and I would have withdrawn the Demand Letter. I never got an answer, even though I made it clear that I was not seeking the identity of such person(s).
* Dunn saying he finds this blawg despicable, when in fact I caught the Indictment the next business day after I notified Jaffrey and upper echelon NAACP of this blawg and a very critical post "Why the NAACP is a sellout organization," seen here.

Coincidentally -- or perhaps not -- Attorney Horan tells me he pulled Jury Duty on 5 June 2006 -- the day of my trial. He's never been tapped for Jury duty before in his life.

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