17 May 2006

Daily Kos missed huge Columbus story of political protest and arrest of Jerry Doyle.

11 Oct. 2011 -- Update on Jerry Doyle's physical death... his spirit will keep on keepin' on.

I am from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. To the south, Columbus Ohio is politically one of the filthiest cities in the World. You've got creeps like Ken Blackwell (look at Daily Kos entry #20 here) and disgraced Ohio Governor Bob Taft (another Kos piece) running around, but back in the late 90's you at least had one Jerry Doyle and Chris King running around as well, gleefully educating the public about rampant systemic abuse; the sort that led Mr. Doyle to be arrested back in 1998 for school protest, but subsequenly acquitted as noted in "American Lawyer #1" at KingCast.net. Without me around now to protect him, however, his ass is sitting in jail as noted by Columbus Indy Media.historian

I got wrongfully suspended from practice when they had enough of me and city Burgher lawyer with the big name Schottenstein filed a complaint on me, but Jerry kept on, educating people about the documented travesties of School Board Justice, including Sherry Bird Long's $40/mo. payment ordered by Judge David Cain after she and her family bilked more than $200,000.00 and that bitch got no jail time -- but Doyle drew jail time for complaining about it. Notice of the Ohio Ethics article fails to mention the "payment plan" because it is so ludicrous. And many on Daily Kos ignored the issue -- which was tangentially reported in the goddamn Freedom Forum online, stopping instead to hate on me and my virtual "bling." Go figure.

Oh, I guess I am a sloppy attorney: I neglected to mention the goddamned $13M deficit under white CPS Treasurer Jerry Buccilla that Jerry's "On the Columbus Plantation" newsletter rammed in their faces. And why was Jerry arrested back in the day before I won his acquittal? He said he wouldn't leave the building until they reinstated black treasurer Pittman. I can't make this stuff up, folks. That's why Judge Pollitt had to send that loud-mouthed nigger to jail, you bet. But Ms. White CPS school administrator, bilking $200K out of the system, walks free. Time will tell that Jerry is being jailed for being accurate: Columbus is a fucking Plantation, pure and simple.

Oh, and Judge Cain? He's the liar who said that my client Bethany Lemaster (click to expand) had admitted she had no case, when in reality she never said that, and besides I had checked with her co-workers, who came to me to tell me that her manager at my IOLTA bank (Bank One) was indeed discriminating against her pregnant-with-twins ass, big time. Her OB-GYN also was ready to testify about the hoops she had to jump through that were unusual. It was a good case, but I guess like the other Plantation lawyers I was supposed to accept her lil' overdue promotion that she got when I started snooping around. Watch him flip his head in petty insouciance at me in "American Lawyer I" at KingCast.net. That's from the Lemaster hearing where he sanctioned me without an evidentiary hearing, in violation of procedural and substantive Due Process, causing Lou Jacobs to shake his head in disbelief over a chardonnay and a creme brulee at Cap City Diner with me. That's why I sued Judge Cain, but Daily Kos didn't give a shit about that. Anyway, hi Cameron I'm gonna' send you an email of this one, brother =^.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my erstwhile tennis neighbor and former State Senator John Bowen came to court in Doyle's Plaintiff-side case against Oakfield Nursing Home, which had fired his black ass for picketing about patient abuse. I won his unemployment compensation case and we sued under whistleblower, but Judge Sheward, whom you see also at KingCast.net in that very case bellow at me "your objection is noted for the record, and move on NOW!" threw the case out before the Jury could even get it. Then he called in the deputy sheriffs and threatened to have me arrested if I said anything more the minute the Jury left. Jurors saw me in the hallway later and there were like, "what happened?" John Bowen knew the case would get tossed like salad, so he didn't even:
a) write a pretrial statement of facts and issues for which he was not sanctioned despite my requests;
b) bring any exhibits to trial -- he just leaned over his ol' tennis pal's shoulder and borrowed mine! We've got that shit on video, folks.

Blawg Yahtzee on Jerry Doyle:
1. Columbus Killed King and the First Amendment.
2. First Amendment and niggers up for sale: Ralph Abernathy, Jerry Doyle and King concur.

Daily Kos: Too many of you do have your heads up your asses, like Liberal Dose Blog already said about you faux-liberal pontiffs who ignore real-World struggles of people like my clients and me, winning against people like Bush toady and Labor recess-appointee Peter Kirsanow.

Speaking of Kirsanow getting slammed on appeal, it is my father's birthday today (68) and he is proud to offer Kos a gift given by Liberal Dose:


Jehovah said...

Did you get banned from that site for real? Otherwise, how could they miss that story?

Christopher King said...

Here is a relevant Kos piece on the day they banished me for calling them out:


And here is the Doyle piece, as you read it note the haterism espoused by GN1927.


You'll see how they are blinded by the red mist of haterism.

For more background click on "Daily Kos" for a little tongue-in-cheeck play I have with them about being an RNC plant.


I'm off for lunch with the muse =^.)