12 May 2006

5 Questions for Wilbon on Mothers' Day:

It's always amusing to run into virtual Cousin Mike when I'm out and about. Today I picked up a copy of the Post and there he is again. He is a radiant sportscaster and that boy been knowin' his sports like nobody's business since he had a paper route with his brother like 35 years ago. I been knowin' the law like nobody's business, too -- at least well enough to whup Bush toady Peter Kirsanow -- but the difference being nobody's going to try to lock you up for shooting your mouth off about sports. Mike and I do agree on NBA dress codes.

Wilbon's mother Auntie 'C' is radiant at 80, our Aunt 'T' is radiant at 70 and my mother 'B' is radiant at 67. The surviving sisters and mothers of a wonderful family. Auntie 'C' pops in at KingCast B/W style twice in "American Lawyer Part 1." She got me started talking to kids on the South Side of Chicago as a motivational speaker in her classroom back when I was in 8th grade. Blessings for those who have moved to another World, and thank you three for staying with us in this one.
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