22 April 2006

Tao of Steve II: Daily Kos Tip Jar.

Some of you may have noticed the Daily Kos quotes on KingCast. These new quotes came in today, just 3 days after we launched KingCast. It's always an interesting spin over at The Kos; typically a love/hate sorta' thing.... just like my career in Columbus, Ohio. The common folk and some rich folk loved me; the system hated me and still does. Wait: Same thing in New Hampshire! So the moral is that I didn't get put out of Columbus for being a bad lawyer; I got put out of Columbus for being a good lawyer. Now I can show the World how and why these things happen. I spoke of NH education-product/classmate Greer Goodman and touched Steve McQueen's Porsche in Tao of Steve I.

The Getaway was on Speedchannel (nee Speedvision) tonight.


Anonymous said...

Cool man, I'll check you out too. Your King Cast looks interesting.

Christopher King said...

Thanks! I hooked you up a blogroll. Eventually we'll be in a position to come on out and see ya', put you in a video podcast.

KingCast is going to rock; our next movie will feature me in court actually speaking -- something the establishment hates because I am fairly articulate and can talk circles around most them, to boot.

But of equal importance will be our video documentation and running commentary about how they misrepresented material issues to the Court, and should be reprimanded, suspended or disbarred.