11 April 2006

NAACP Trial: NH violates due process.

Oh, like it's going out of style they do. In the ridiculous unauthorized practice of law case -- which will be used against me in the criminal trial because I know Attorney Bauer faxed a copy to Cheshire County the day the decision issued! The Attorney General copped that decision without bringing to court either witness who offered commentary in writing only; I moved to strike on Best Evidence because a tape exists pertaining to what the second witness, Casey Goodwin wrote. Denied. "Jackass Jackie" claimed to want to appear, then did not. Here's what's up with SMASH! Apparel, the new owners of her gallery spot. And the other witness, Casey Goodwin, is part of some "game-playing," according to NAACP Defendant's sister. I don't like this "game" and neither will the taxpayers when I take the stand.

I have preserved these issues for appeal, pursuant to State v. Eno Grafton, No. 95-615, April 8, 1999 (no, not that Eno). Meanwhile, Prosecutor Albrecht still has not telephoned Devon Sawyer, JD the man who, along with Ana Crnilovic-Phillips, Esq. lost his job at American Tower standing up for me and who gave me the matchbook with Willie Toney's number on it -- whose situation Chief Dunn claims "does not exist" in this Logorrhea-infused blawg entry. I doubt they've called NH's Dawn Caradonna, Esq. yet either, who knows I wasn't licensed and was setting up a network of attorneys. At least not on the phone. In private I'm sure they call her all kinds of things. Just as they do me, and laugh about me getting my ass reamed in prison -- while at the same time they want to eliminate my Right to Speak: Watch Prosecutor Albrecht talk about trying to silence this blawg and my website in the "Oreo" video. Newsflash: Hot women you can bring; Bubba you cannot.

Stop the madness, people. Taxpayers are going to get pissed when I take the stand.

PS: On the State's continuance and the Court's hearing relative thereto that His Honor told us he didn't want tape recorded (Transcripts cost, what $3-4 per page for a 90-minute hearing, who can afford that?), I called today to find out what my trial date is. "We're going to deal with your attorneys." "You mean you won't even tell me my trial date?" "No." One of my three news correspondents called the court and they rejected her, too. Unbelievable. She said she did not identify herself as being affiliated with me. WTF?? So I call my attorneys. They still haven't received anything. [Note: They got it today, Final Pre Trial 24 May and Trial 5 June.]Please call the case, Your Honor. I'll never beg for anything from any man, much less a white man of authority, but of this I beg of you. Broken-down and humiliated, I admit I am a nobody.

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