06 April 2006

NAACP Trial: My letter to American Tower Chairman.

Facts? I've got facts, baby. And as you read those facts you better recognize that "Ana Crnilovic-Phillips," who co-signed a letter to ATC management with me, and sued American Tower, is the former daughter-in-law of a (non-disgraced) Jaffrey Police Chief before Chief Dunn. Call the case, Your Honor, we're ready. We've been ready, but Chief Dunn's recent faux pas (the logorrhea moment), directly bringing American Tower and Attorney Phillips into it by discussing events that Attorney Phillips directly witnessed -- i.e. my general demeanor and professionalism, and the fact that there were no police escorts whatsoever -- just sets it all up all the better. He should have quit while he was behind. And if the Court instructs me not to talk about it at trial, I'm likely going to talk about it and see if he arrests me for it. That's called Civil/Disobedience. Meanwhile, it looks like I'll be a guest speaker in a couple of different college classrooms next week to discuss emerging technologies and workplace racial relations. Sounds like my career is finally taking hold again after the American Tower and HELP Organization debacles. And the NAACP will cheer me on because they "love and support" me.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you work for Ms. Ana and her husbands law firm for a while? They seemed to be strong supporters of your cause.

Christopher King said...

Yep, I did some work for them you bet, BTW it's her brother -- her former husband was the son of a former non-disgraced Jaffrey Police Chief I believe. I'm cool with him, too.

Anyway, with the visibility of this case, made so by WMUR, who is of course represented by NAACP lawyers Orr & Reno, I'm a detriment to them now, by and large. That's part of the price that Chief Dunn and the NAACP are exacting on my life.

Gotta dig out a tax return for that hater Charlie Bauer on that.

Here's a note on Bauer's client, Chief Dunn, who is still Defaming me:


Anyway, they're Good People, we've hung out, vacationed together, etc. and we have an American Tower memo specifically stating that they fired Ana because she was supporting me. Honest.

Christopher King said...

PS: And the irony is that I took Ivan's job at ATC when he moved to another area, then he referred Ana to ATC and I trained her.

Ivan went to speak to VP Jody Mitchell right after they fired me because she loved him, but when she discovered he was on my side she didn't let his ass in the building.


My time is coming. It is a long, painful road at times, but I will prevail.

Huggy Bear said...

Recently you commented to a Polish blogger that "eastern European women rock!" Now this former colleague that you trained from eastern Europe has split with her husband who hired you. Then you went and worked for them after you all had left the telecom company. It appears kind of cozy. So the $64,000 question is . . . .

Did you hit that? You got the pimp roll working, so its not a stretch. And you dig eastern European ladies.

Christopher King said...

That's a nice try and great entertainment! I see how you got there, though.

Thing is, Ana's husband never hired me. Here's w'happened:

I took Ivan -- her brother's -- job when I came to Amerikkkan Tauer. He moved on to another position and eventually opened the firm with Ana after she was fired for supporting me. They are from Belgrade, ironically -- or perhaps not -- as is my current lady who had the, ummm "pleasure" of meeting Madelaine Albright with me.


The Eastern European comment refers to women in my life in general, some of whom I've slept with but perhaps unfortunately many more with whom I've not. Being from Cleveland, there is huge Eastern Euro/Slavic population.

Ana's husband has nothing to do with this, other than being someone with whom I've hit the gym with and vacationed with while the two of them were still married.

And he's the son of a former Jaffrey Police Chief who can't believe this bullshit.

All Good.

Huggy Bear said...

You never answered the question.

Christopher King said...

You know, I re-read my post and figured you would say that.

Answer is no, grasshopper.

But Ana was a lot of fun to hang out with, 'cos when ladies see you with a nice lady, well....

But yes 24/7 with her copatriot. Much more simpatico.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of grasshoppers, you have an uncanny resemblance to Jiminy Cricket.

Christopher King said...

He shawl was dapper!

Christopher King said...

Actually in person more like Courtney Vance, without the money.

I get that frequently, twice tonight. I'll take that as a compliment, you bet.

Sorry no offense Jiminy.

Christopher King said...

Anyway, case dismissed, Chief Dunn fired and Bill Albrecht run out of town on an ethics complaint.


Anonymous said...

Ana is the worst lawyer..

She is high school..