03 April 2006

NAACP Trial: King's Plantation.

So I go for a snack last Friday night (the night Amerikkkan Tauer ex parted blogger to remove certain posts) at Common Ground with my biographer and film maker. We all drink a coupla' Hoegaardens and tawked about the sitch. Damn I got these white folks and my white photographers working 'round the clock, and that's no joke:

"Nigger, fetch me that video cap, and you get that manuscript ready," I say, with John Wayne swagger.
"Yessum' Massuh'" just don't be crackin' the whip on us no mo'.
"All right then, yawl niggers get back to work, stop trying to read & go to law school, and stay away from our women."
"Anything else we can do for you, Massuh'?"
"Yes, go down yonder and tell my nigger attorneys to give me a holla'. And holla' at that damn fool crazy nigger brother-in-law of mine and tell him to get ready for that video podcast stuff. Now go ahead. Run... Git!"

As usual, they pay 'cos I can barely afford to keep up with this nonsense, the State and NAACP twice trying to arrest me, and twice trying to shut down this blawg. Read this, and watch Oreo. The name of the blawg is the name of the game, I thought they knew.

PS: Say 'hi' to cousin Mike, in the background, with Tony.
Che, Michael and me. What a hoot.

PPS: People ask me, "why you gotta' compare yourself with Kanye even though he talks about haters, too and he steady drops the Nigga' Bomb 'cos you really ain't that type of nigguh' yet? In fact you're broker than you've been since law school." And I say, look, I love Kanye but the whole point of this project is to see w'happens to a guy who speaks his mind without Kanye money and no diamonds. Ironically -- or perhaps not -- April is my birth month, 41 on the 14th =^.)

....There'll always be haters, that's the way it is....Hater niggaz marry hater bitches and have hater kids....


Poll said...

Hello !

Very nice blog !



Christopher King said...

thanks! We think so, too! I'm going to laugh all the way to the bank on these clowns, and frankly, it couldn't happen to a nicer group of guys.

One day maybe we meet and do a video podcast; drink some Hoegaardens.

Spread the Word, get us some sponsors to cross the pond. I love Europe. And I love being an American.

Christopher King said...


A ton question J'ai dis "tres bon."

Ton frere.

FRITZ said...

Firstly, thanks for blogrolling me!

Secondly, I'm impressed! Motorcycles, NAACP, protection of civil liberties, speaking your mind...tres cool!

Thirdly, wow. Very good stuff. I'm glad you started a blog.

Christopher King said...

Thanks! I'm so glad I surfed into yours. Got there through the Diamonds/Kanye West search and Reality Computer Blog. Did I tell you my ex roomie was David Sadowski's mechanic back in the day? Yep. Might have been with him at Daytona. He and I rebuilt the engine in the '74 tii that I had to sell to deal with that rat bastard telecommunications company I worked for while making beaucoup d'argent for NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon.

I'll have to post a pic of Lajos. Crazy Hungarian Jewish brother.