16 April 2006

NAACP Trial: King respects police officers.

Look at these letters I'm going to share with Masscops.com who already think that Chief Dunn is a "slime bag." The first one I wrote for Gloria Timmons and to help smooth community relations between blacks and other minorities and the police after a police officer did not appear at an NAACP meeting. The second one is self-explanatory and was to Chief Dunn. Look how pleasant and polite I am to him, then he turns around like a man possessed, saying I was "obviously a disturbed individual" with "fantasies" about my past accomplishments in this nasty/email that's got him facing Defamation charges, not to mention he f*cked up again and said to taser victim Charles Duffy I was hauled out of American Tower Corp. with a police escort. What a hater.

Anyway, I'll have no fantasy whatsoever about whupping his ass on the witness stand, or about the parody of his character we present in our movie and Internet shows, you bet. And Prosecutor Albrecht, who refused my offers to come before the Grand Jury, will have to work hard to diffuse these bombs when we go title for title. Nobody convicts when they see I'm a Reasonable Guy. Haters lose where I come from.

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