09 April 2006

NAACP Trial: King admits to loving New Hampshire.

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Mais oui chez Wildcat I'm drinking a Tuckerman in proper respect for the area. A (then) 38-year-old black poster boy for the State of New Hampshire. Go figure. You haters eat your hearts out. Oh, I love the common folk and the rugged individualism of New Hampshire, and most of them love me right back. It's the NAACP and some of the government that troubles me. Wildcat 38th birthday, 2003. On your birthday you can ski for free, but the trees in the trails still don't move. Well, not much anyway. Boy was I piste-off! The clutch in the 528i was quite a bear for a while with that MCL tear and whatnot. I was working for these document-tampering, notary seal-abusing scumbags at the time, who subsequently got sued by me and a whole host of former employees. I know 'cos some of their lawyers called me. Tee hee. Hee.

Kelly Ayotte: It seems when white folk do something wrong the Attorney General turns blind eye, but you guys will make up some sh*t with witnesses who don't even appear to railroad a nigga' and use the sellout, email-tossing NAACP to do it. And of course you guys are buddy-buddy with Chief Dunn, appearing as keynote speaker for him and improperly dismissing my complaints against him even (as well as that Wire Fraud real estate complaint note above I filed for forging my signature and abusing my notary seal) as I catch you in your own lies. And that is precisely what I will say at trial, with documents, so get ready. And I used to be an Assistant Attorney General, so I know your tricks.
"That's not funny Mr. King, ten demerits and a stint in the Gulag for you!"


Melissa said...

Hey Chris - haven't read that book. I'm off to the library today! :)

I am a big fan of skiing - but mostly at Loon and Cannon. I'm unfortunately battling a cold right now so I'm taking it easy. I have a couple of big hearings next week too that I need to prep for!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Christopher King said...

Yes, Loon is Nice. My friends had a cabin just down the road so that's why the Looney Bird is so prominently displayed on the window.

Good memories.

Also, that cold is no joke. I'm just getting over it and gettiny my core strength back. It was quite 'the ride,' totally.