05 April 2006

NAACP Trial: Justice prevails, American Tower posts are restored to my blawg!

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Michael Franti
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You bet I was upset, as you can see by this Daily Kos entry discussing State v. Carmichael.

Hello Mr. King,
We are in receipt of your prior e-mails regarding American Tower Corporation. After a reconsideration of the matter at hand, we will be restoring the content that we have suspended from your blog. We appreciate your patience in this process.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are working on a speedy resolution in the matter.

The Blogger Team
You rock, I told them. And I'm going to keep winning, as long as I get a fair and neutral Arbiter of Justice. Now back to my Letter from a Birmingham Jail, or Virtual New Hampshire Prison.

PS: I want to cuss at them so bad I can taste it. Won't give them the satisfaction. But Amerikkkan Tauer can start thinking about that Action for Tortious Interference with First Amendment overtones they're about to receive. Again, the name of the blawg is the name of the game, I thought they knew. We're in the new phase now. My World; they're squirrels tryin' to get a nut. Slime bags.

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