06 April 2006

NAACP Trial: Is American Tower or Chief Dunn the Anti-Chris?

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The Clash
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Jr. Murvin

Here's the public information on the AMT haters.
One of them sure is, in my opinion. Here's why:
1. Either ATC told Chief Dunn a police escort was required to remove me from the premises 2 hours after I wrote the email correctly requesting overtime pay or he made it up himself.
2. Either ATC told Chief Dunn there was "indecent exposure" (a term of art for a criminal offense) or he made that up as well. If they said both or either one of those things I'm going to nail them for post employment Defamation and Tortious Interference with Blogger in a First/Fifth/Sixth Amendment context. Dunn will say that's what they said and they will say that Dunn embellished. If Dunn said it, he needs to call his insurance carrier because he's already on the hook for Defamation for calling me a crackpot to the NAACP Executive Committee. Either way, I win. They loose.

Now given that ATC's white-skin privilege-abusing former VP Jody Mitchell, who had personally given me the employee of the week award and approved a $6,000.00 pay raise had the temerity to call the Woburn Police Department on me and tell them "I don't know him except that he's a scoundrel," I don't know which way to place my bet. Listen to the Police story here, and watch it here in American Lawyer II and III. Download them so you can help others in similar circumstances, pursuant to U.S. v. Carmichael , 326 F.Supp.2d 1267 (M.D.Ala. 2004), 326 F.Supp.2d 1303 (M.D.Ala. 2004):

Let's not exclude the smarmy lawyers involved, either because they're likely the ones who tricked Blogger into deleting my emails, then Blogger correctly reversed that so I can defend myself in this action. They intentionally failed to show Blogger any of the unanswered emails I sent them over the past 8 months. They should really be disbarred, but that won't happen because one of them is the former Massachusetts Bar Ass'n president. But he's still just a scumbag to me, and a rat "bastard" to former ATC paralegal "R.T." who had me over for pizza after they tricked her into signing an affidavit against me. Remember: My bargaining power in my settlement with ATC was marginalized by Chief Dunn's indictment -- which occurred over my rejected request to appear before the Grand Jury so it could have the Truths that you see here on the Internet. Anyone see a pattern here?

My film maker does. My writer does. Soon, so too will the entire Free World. So here's some pics of these corporate creeps, including former Honeywell paramilitary pilot/war monger Jim Taiclet and HR Manager Aileen Torrance, Esq. whose Depo testimony is so chock full of lies and contradictions she should have been reprimanded or suspended too. My writer has all of that. And yes, Jim, as I noted in this Richard Pryor blawg entry, everyone out there was mocking you when you came there, talking about how full of dookie you were because it was such a miserable place to work.

Query, Aileen was it you who told Chief Dunn ATC had to call the police on me, or that there was "indecent exposure" involved? As a lawyer you know that's a term of art, right honey? If Dunn says it was you my team will fry you for the rest of your natural life, baby. You can't just talk about niggers like that any more. It's 2006; I thought you knew.

The moral of the story? Next time an employee correctly requests a refrigerator, fax machine or microwave to help you make more money, or even correctly requests an environmental report or overtime pay, if you want to fire him just say, "sorry it's not working out," give him a couple thousand dollars and send him on his way. Don't call the police on him or start telling lies. It's really quite simple. As a former employment attorney I'll tell you what you should have done, and we wouldn't be in this mess today, you idiots. You could have even offered Carl Donaldson, Esq. a nominal settlement when I heard him ask Van Nostrand about it down at the MCAD office, but you screwed that up, too, then you paid me more, later. And you screwed that up with Chief Dunn. Now I got a trick bag waiting for all of you clowns at Mass District Court Judge Lindsay's Chambers next week. Anyone care to call ahead for Pizza, Lobster Bisque and a coupla' Hoegaardens?



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Day of Reconing Approacheth...

Post dates/times for hearings so the rest of us can come by and watch this play out.

Keep up the fight!

Christopher King said...

Oh, I most certainly shall. They want everything on the QT and I want everything on the open, up-and-up.

I'm swimming in a cesspool filled with sharks. Or She-Devils.


(That's a post that Blogger reinstated pursuant to my criminal defense and First Amendment Rights, BTW).


Anonymous said...

It appears from your writings that you have little power of reason. I question your mental stability sir.