13 April 2006

NAACP Trial: Happy Birthday to me, Happy Passover to you.

Background for newbies. 1965 was a banner year for classics. Just heading out for a late night frolic and detour, and thinking about my family and friends but most specifically my Jewish friends. Thinking about how the State requested and obtained another continuance to keep me under its thumb for two more whole months, from 5 April until 5 June, 2006 because they know they have no case and are waiting for me to crack. Here's a nice parody pic of the State and NAACP President Timmons:

To hell with that. See you at final pretrial 24 May, and at 9:00 sharp 18 April in the Civil case in Nashua Superior Court, 30 Spring Street, 03060. You'll have your agenda and I will have mine. But unlike the criminal venue where I can't speak, I am the lawyer in the Civil case and I will most definitely be heard for the record. I don't know if NAACP (who "doesn't sue" according to Prosecutor Albrecht, and Nashua VP Melanie Levesque, yeah right) comptroller Arnold Rocklin Ware will be present, but I can tell you he took an attitude when I told him I had everything covered for last year's Passover/Easter event they were planning because I was cool with my neighbor Daniel, who is comptroller for Nashua's primary synagogue. Ware wanted to own it; I wanted to share it and 'git 'er done.' Ironically -- or perhaps not -- Daniel's wife used to work for Chris King precision bicycle components in California; gave me a hat. Later on in a video you can watch me play with one of their children. I'm wearing a Chris King shirt right now but I sure can't afford his components on my bike because of this bullshit.

My criminal defense lawyers (one of whom is out-of-state but agreed to co-counsel in ADR I offered to save taxpayer money) and film crew will be there, let's see if we're allowed to roll video. As my project has shown in this entry and in the "Day in Nashua" video Nashua tends to buck the national trends, which in the words of First Amendment lawyer Jonathan Kaney, typically -- but not when this nigger is involved -- mean that "There's no Privacy in a Public Courtroom."

Hell, my lawyer even helps media gain courtroom access when white folks are involved while my crew -- which is bringing me a new website, and which has shot Russian heads of State, shot and edited feature-length documentaries and covered an unsolved murder -- get locked the hell out. Meanwhile, nasty corporations, the NAACP and the government try seven (7) times to chill my expression of Free Speech. If any post I've ever written, out of nearly 700 now, embodies my spirit it is this one: Open Court, Open Access to the legal profession for everybody. Here's what everybody says about me:


Anonymous said...

So now the civil case will be heard before the criminal case - you got the result (quite seredipitous, good for you!) that you wanted.

Day late on the Passover bit. If it suits you, you might acknowledge the solemnity of Good Friday and the joy of Easter in the Christian tradition. Lots of illegal aliens are Christian, so you could tie that into your crusading for their cause.

But don't let anything get in the way of your shouting from glen to glen and down the mountainside about the injustice being brought down upon you.

Finally, its your birfday, go have a ride on your bike, a heffeweissen, a smoke and glaze that Yugoslavian ham. Albrecht and the New hampshire all white power structure can't stop that.

Christopher King said...

All Good to all of the above except the Civil case is only a hearing where they will not doubt try to sanction me for something or other, while ignoring each and every transgression of the Defendants.

But again, All Good to all the rest =^.)