11 April 2006

NAACP Trial: Goons ordered to produce Chief Dunn transcript; this trial is a waste of taxpayers' money.

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Judge Arnold, whom I begged to call the case, has scheduled it for 24 May-Final Pretrial and 5 June Trial. But more importantly, he has ORDERED the State to produce a copy of Chief Dunn's $1,800.00 Civil Defamation Deposition I took on 18 Nov. 2005, which means y'all get to see it right here; that's The /Law. I wanted to buy it but I'm indigent right now because of this nonsense. I'll even post the parts that purportedly work in their favor. But wait until you see the parts that clearly don't: Chief Dunn and Charlie Bauer laughing at me getting my ass reamed in prison, Chief Dunn talking about getting me mental help, which is what got him in/trouble in the first place, the reaction to me seeing the secret spy file, held in violation of Rule 98, Chief Dunn calling this blawg "despicable" -- when they copped the indictment 2 days after I told them and the National NAACP jungle-bunnies about it, Chief Dunn refusing to say whether or not there was a confidential informant on Willie Toney, etc. I didn't ask for the identity of such a person, only whether or not there was one. Because, again, if Dunn had told me so when I opened discussion on the matter we wouldn't be here today, wasting taxpayer/money. I would've withdrawn the Demand Letter.

I can't wait to get that transcript from these haters. Bauer doesn't like it; watch "Lawyerman" video where I open my mail from him at Ana Crnilovic-Phillips (daughter-in-law of former Jaffrey Police Chief's) front steps. Let's get it on.

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