12 April 2006

NAACP Trial: Dunn's Deposition goes online, King will kick Attorney Bauer's proverbial ass.

You bet it does, and you bet I will, pursuant to the tree of well-established case law stemming from the www.whosarat.com litigation, i.e. State v. Carmichael, (326 F. Supp 2d 1267 MD Ala. 2004). Note that Charlie/Bauer hates this; just watch me open my mail, cinema verite style and listen to what Bauer sent me in the "Lawyerman" video. But the law is the law, folks, and I've known it well since 1990; despite what my detractors say. What a great opportunity to prove all of them dead wrong and to clear my name. Next comes the podcast.

Oh, yeah: I'm going to put a few choice things on the record in our Civil Case Defamation hearing 18 April, 9:00 sharp, 30 Spring Street Nashua, NH before Judge Lynn. Let's see if they allow my media crew; they like to shut us down in Nashua, see the "No privacy in a public courtroom" post, quoting learned First Amendment counsel Jonathan Kaney, and the "Day in Nashua" video.


qrswave said...

Hey, there. Looks like you have your hands full.

Isn't it odd that you go into law school thinking that the system is part of the solution, when in fact it's part of the problem - a big part.

best of luck to you. Keep up the good fight. And great video clip on the other site!

Christopher King said...


Stay tuned for more developments in the legal chasm between what is said -- and what is done.

I'm setting your site up on the 'roll.

A piece of peace for you.... A piece of peace for me.... but I don't act peaceful if you're not that way to me! (Michael Franti, 1996).