13 April 2006

NAACP Trial: Choosey lawyers blogroll Chris!

They sure do. qrswave (curious wave?) hosts two websites also, first "The Truth Will Set You Free," and "Culture for All." This blawg and my movie site (to be updated in the next day) are both blogrolled on "Truth."

Here's what he wrote in response to reading my entry on Chief Dunn's forthcoming online Deposition and another entry on New Hampshire's 2004 slavery/bust and the 1944 IMF Monetary Policy beatdown on countries of colour (there was a Nashua Library film on it, too!):
Hey, there. Looks like you have your hands full. Isn't it odd that you go into law school thinking that the system is part of the solution, when in fact it's part of the problem - a big part. Best of luck to you. Keep up the good fight. And great video clip on the other site!
Here's what others say.

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