04 April 2006

NAACP Trial: Chief Dunn has logorrhea; can't keep his yapper shut Defaming King.

You betcha' he's got the sickness in my opinion, mates and birds. BTW while I still prefer my friends and former managers at The/Drawing/Room, Starbucks is good for something. Like the company of a fine female, a green tea latte and quixotic word game promotions. Oh yeah, Chief I did steal the card. But I'll return it tomorrow. Notify the authorities, Dude. Funny, I missed his comment in para. 4 about my "despicable" past conduct just as I told you back in November that he finds this very blawg "despicable."I'm tired and the taxpayers are steady gettin' ripped-off. Can we call the case now, Your Honor?

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Christopher King said...

And now this in the email tip jar from Fritz, who just bought a new bike!
Wait, wait,don't tell me.

The gist of the story is that a black man in a predominantly white town who happens to be educated and verbose is getting picked on with bunk charges by a bunch of good ole' boys.

Unfortunately,the movie sequences were not loving my computer,or my computer was not loving the sequences, but all and all, I say this:

Thank you for being tough enough to stick your neck out for civil liberties and rights. The fact of the matter is, people no longer DO what needs to be done to get old obtuse ideas washed out. Sometimes,it takes peace and understanding.

Other times, it takes a bullhorn and demonstration. You are not alone in this battle.

Living in Georgia but coming from Chicago, I get very frustrated with the state of racism today. It is perverted, saddening, and most importantly, non-conducive to growth and evolution. In short---it's ridiculous. There are many different sides to every ethnic group I've ever encountered, but the truth is, we're all just people who want to be treated fairly and justly. This oversimplifies the black experience,I know, but really. C'mon.

It's not freakin' 1932. It's 2006.

Who ARE these people that still operate on manipulation, blackballing illegality?

Oh, wait.
People who are running the country, that's who.

By the way: I bought a new bike today! Honda 599 2004...bright yellow. Time to take on the twisties like the cruiser couldn't...