07 April 2006

NAACP Trial: American Tower's lawyer, Mirick O'Connell's own Richard C. Van Nostand, is a scumbag.

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Just my opinion about a public figure who is a partner at Worcester Mass' firm of Mirick, O'Connell.
Fact: I know he was in my blawg.
Fact: I know he has disobeyed Court Orders from a Black Man, Hon. Reginald C. Lindsay, regarding production of sexually-tinged and other emails that bolstered my position relative to events at American Tower Corporation, whom I deem to be the "real extortionists."
Fact: I know he did it despite the four emails I sent to him, two of which I consulted with tenured Law Professor Louis A. Jacobs, Esq. in preparing, to avoid spoliation, for which most lawyers get punished.
I believe he and/or his side-kick Michael D. Badger went to Blogger to trick them into removing crucial blawg entries that they later restored after I sent them crucial emails that he and Attorney Badger ignored and/or assented to over the course of the past several months.
And here's the proof that Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins supported all of this -- also destroying my emails -- straight from the ignorant, inarticulate mouth of Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons in her Dope-a-sition they tried to keep off line so I couldn't expose their dirty laundry.
What are you going to do now, Dick? Go tell Ohio to quadruple-double-secret suspend my license until after I die? You go to hell you Dick, you. But not before I see you at Judge Lindsay's Chambers, you deceitful, lying creep. And an independent contractor I know -- with a police background no less -- and who can't stand you, Jaffrey, or American Tower, has got you on video, looking like the sinister creep you really are. He kept it because given his background he knew one day it would come out that American Tower had told lies to Chief Dunn. Quick, whos lying your client or Chief Dunn?

Did you know that His Honor is from Birmingham? Maybe he'll like my 2006 Letter from a Birmingham Jail, or Virtual New Hampshire Prison -- that you and your client helped construct. Here's the original.

My turn to have a Good Time with you, you evidence-hiding "bastard," in the words of R.T. I'll send you $2.98 to git on down to the True Value and get yourself a (moral) compass.

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