07 April 2006

NAACP Trial: 7 Attempts to chill First Amendment expression.

Attempts by government to arrest me: 2
Attempts by NAACP/Timmons to kill blawg:2
Attempts by American Tower to kill blawg: 1
Attempts by government to kill blawg, including the Indictment itself, issued two days after I notified them and the NAACP of the blawg: 2(watch "Oreo").
Apparently I've struck a nerve on "progressive" boards as well.

America, the Land of the Free:
"The author of this diary seems like a fighter, I'll say that, and his video had pretty good production values. And if I understand him correctly, he's probably uncovered a corrupt establishment conspiracy -- i.e., the same set of lawyers and politicians work together to deligitimize someone who they view as a threat and/or an annoyance."-"cthulhu" from Daily Kos.

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