17 April 2006

NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon supports perjury.

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Gordon's legacy
F*ckin'-A-right you do, even though I have proven I respect police. I told you what to do instead several weeks ago. Quit trying to put me in jail after I made all that money for you. Don't be a nigger about it, and don't forget about Willie.

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Christopher King said...

North Carolina NAACP communications wonk Jerry McClough says in an email today, "King, you're going down to the white meat."

I wrote back hey no doubt I am beatin' these niggas down to the white meat. But they started it. How can they get out of this? I've got her lying under Oath about things she says to other people about me when the whole point of the Defamation case is what she says about me to other people!

"It's atrocious," I ended.