19 April 2006

NAACP case: You can call me Mr. King!

Yeah Bruce Gordon, NAACP, Orr & Reno and Charlie Bauer, I'm drafting our Motion to Dismiss the Attempted Extortion Indictment on First Amendment Grounds. As I'm writing it I notice a few times I had written "Defendant" instead of "Mr. King." You know what? F*ck that. KingCast is opening soon and we've got new video of me yesterday actually speaking in court so folks can analyze for themselves instead of taking all the bullshit from the Courts and WMUR and NAACP that they hear about me. I've worked too hard in my life, and done too many Good/Things, and am so clearly not guilty in this instance for trying to help Willie Toney, I shall not be known to that court or to any random asshole as "Defendant." Or a nigger, for that matter.

They call me "Mr. King."

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