01 April 2006

NAACP case shows New Hampshire ignorance; Nashua NAACP President Timmons is sanctimonious.

Here is today's hate mail, the same sort that Chief Dunn and Charlie Bauer found humorous at Dunn's Deposition. The writer is clearly ignorant to the fact that employers who are reasonable actually like me -- even Good White Folk; they buy me Margaritas and whatnot.

Perhaps this individual was unaware that I was Director of Ops. for the HELP Organization for which I successfully prepared the 501(c)(3) and had well-respected NH Educator Chris Hookway as Exec. Director and people like Bishop Guertin Academy's Karen Weidner as Board Members. Also Mike Dolphin, President of NH Association of Guidance Directors. You know, Good White Folks. Had to resign because of this nonsense. "Dicrace to the black race?" Others/disagree. Vehemently. Some want to "Call in the Marines."

Also, I saw Gloria Timmons this morning in her Gen5 Maxima. I forgot she has vanity plates; guess what they say: GLORIA. Guess what mine said? CIVIL/RIGHTS and EDUC8TD. Perhaps GLORIA could use some education; learn how to read her own emails, or what a simile, metaphor or parody is so she can stop wasting taxpayers' money on two (2) failed Injunctions to shut down this blawg.

Here's the Good Part: Remember how Chief Dunn said "lawyer's plan backfired?" Seems like his plan is the one that backfired; now we see how the Men in Blue view him as a "slime bag chief," and how he's stupid enough to send a Defamatory email to taser victim Charles Duffy.

PS: As I'm on a no-contact rule with Nashua NAACP I'm going to file a complaint with the Seacoast Chapter, owing to the racial references in the letter -- especially since well-respected bloggers have gone on record as saying "You're the Man," and "This blog has become my daily read," etc.


Anonymous said...

Like the postage stamp. "Love".

Somebody has to try to mispell that much.

You should run for office.

Christopher King said...

Dig it. But first I want to holler at my girlfriend so we can try out that new lube!

Lord of the Flies said...

And if it hits the spot, you can be a celebrity endorser!

Christopher King said...

Yes, always try to hit the spot.