02 April 2006

NAACP Case: Prosecutor Albrecht disingenuous, wasting taxpayer money.

Dear Prosecutor Albrecht: May I come before the Grand Jury? No. Really? Still No. Okay, fine. Then if we follow His Honor's instructions to start negotiatiating a plan of closure, will you respond? No. Okay, fine. Well then if my attorneys are ready to start trial -- as you clearly said you were ready in Open Court and my film maker has it recorded -- we can start then, during the week of my 41st birthday, right? No. Did you put a lot of thought or preparation into this case before you personally obtained the Indictment against me? No.

PS: I'm glad I'm old enough to know the Kraftwerk in the new Coldplay single. And I like it. I was ahead of that curve, as usual. Also, FWIW, Prince is back, with a vengeance. Pop wars... Prince vs. Michael who?

PPS: King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail (or New Hampshire Virtual Prison) is coming next.


Anonymous said...

You didn't offer him anything, what did you expect? This offer would tell me that you want to go to trial.

Still, there is plenty of time for him to respond/back down. I wonder if he is bluffing?

Christopher King said...

Not true. And don't forget how open I've been with this guy from the Git-Go and he blew me off, and don't forget the fact that he has said I "had no good faith belief that the entity would sue because the NAACP does not sue."

C'mon now that's sanctionable.

And giving up the blawg is a ton. If it weren't why would they have tried to wax it on two occasions?

Remember Timmons tried first:


And in the short film, "Oreo" watch Albrecht try to suppress my speech over my incredulous gaze to one of my white attorneys, former lead Hillsborough County Prosecutor David A. Horan:


Also, I realize now in a post that was removed pursuant to Amerikkkan Tauer's ex parte machinations that he flat out said he "doesn't trade civil for criminal." Great. Then I offer the blog and movie up and the embarrassment they are about to face in trial instead.

BTW blogger still has not returned my email with their phone number or provided me contact information for their attorneys despite another detailed email I sent last night. All of this activity mind you, on a blogspot called "Chris King's 1st Amendment Page."

The only First Amendment I've got coming is through my photographers, my film maker and my writer..... a bunch of white folks.


Viva technology; viva race relations. I'm the master at that, and they know it. And they hate every minute of it, too.