02 April 2006

NAACP case: Chief Dunn job apps rejected.

Monadnock Ledger, 30 March reports that it is odd now that Jaffrey NH Police Chief Dunn, the over-budget, job-seeking cop who other Men in Blue call a "slime-bag" complains about harsh emails. Poor Baby. He has twice written hateful and false emails about me, first/one to the NAACP, landing him a Defamation claim not dismissed, and now again to taser victim Charles Duffy. What a hypocrite; the Juries will see that, especially when Duffy takes the stand to show Dunn's patterns and propensities. And how about his language "I regret I ever met you" which he also used with respect to that Youth Services Coordinator, Dana Hennessey, who quit or resigned shortly after working for Dunn.

PS: Speaking of Job applications, wait until you see my next post, a spin on Martin Luther King's letter from a Birmingham Jail (which I deconstructed in a Graduate-level Rhetoric Class in Undergrad) to Judge Arnold for his reading pleasure after trial, or during trial if deemed admissible. My parents didn't make no dummies. Or criminals.

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