21 April 2006

Google and discover Americablog rips on NAACP too!

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B. Gordon legacy
Crime and Federalism railed on the Nation's Oldest Civil Rights Organization, using words like "charlatan" and "huckster." But even before that, Jon Aarvosis' Americablog blasted the NAACP recently, stating:
"If you ever needed proof of how irrelevant the big-monied liberal advocacy groups have become, we got a lovely demonstration today...." (regarding the NAACP's support of Cynthia McKinney's (D-Georgia) recent race-baiting after she freaked out on a security guard. "Pathetic liberal groups, and pathetic Democratic members of Congress. Their funders should cut them all off until they prove the worth of their continued existence."

He'll get no argument from me. In fact, I think we need to cut funding to their blue-blood law firms as well, but that will never happen so I'll have to go it alone, with my writer, film maker and First Amendment investors as we enter the next phase. Jon, you are correct: The NAACP by and large, sucks.

Blogger Julius Speaks also warned us about Bruce Gordon, and I second him.

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plez... said...

Well, most of the "Liberati" kept there distance from Cynthia McKinney and the Capitol Police Fracas ... race-baiting aside, there wasn't much there to defend. She represents my District and I can wait to be rid of her (where's Denise Majette when you really need her?).