30 April 2006

Union Leader, Orr & Reno, Ransmeier & Spellman all support King!

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4 the haters
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Attorneys Maria Proulx and Charlie Bauer both take note, along with the Union Leader, which wrote in an Op-ed piece The King and his blog,
"King says he's been contacted by Hollywood producer who wants to make a feature film about his life story. I don’t know about you, but if that movie gets made, I'll definitely see it."
Meanwhile, I have an unverified report that Attorneys Proulx and Bauer have offered to defray some of the pre-production costs of formally launching KingCast this May, as they (and Nashua urban Apparel store SMASH, whom the NAACP ignored) will be featured extensively in it, and as the pair has been unjustly enriched by all of the free publicity surrounding KingCast -- as lawyers who win almost every possible evidentiary and substantive ruling despite the seemingly insurmountable fact that their clients have repeatedly lied about material aspects of this case, under Oath, even.

Perhaps I'll draft an action in unjust enrichment later today when I return from work. Note: Parody. Proulx and Bauer and their clients have not offered me a goddamn thing, but I will offer them the taste of celebrity occasioned by millions of little and a few big screens. That's what the First Amendment is all about. The name of the blawg is the name of the game, yo'. I thought you knew.

Writer's Block.

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4 the haters
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Well, not really.

'Perfect World' and Chief Dunn have nothing in common.

Jaffrey Town selectman Sterling said as much, as noted in this recent Keene Sentinel Editorial. I agree with him and have submitted complaints to the town selectmen, in fact. The story concludes with "But surely the opportunity exists for an end to the recriminations and for a much needed parting of the ways. The people of Jaffrey deserve as much."
True that. And I deserve an apology from Chief Dunn for his original and continued antics of Defaming me, even if I get to drink green tea lattes in the company of fine females who whip out my laptop for me so I can crack on him. If he weren't such a jerk, it wouldn't have to be this way.

But it's All Good and no hard feelings, right because "humor is a big part of me," says Party Marty. And being born a poor white chile' I am one funny nigguh' I know that's right. I know Bootsy found me to be a trip that night; look at him looking at me below. That was a silly evening. Because humor is a big part of me.

29 April 2006


(Still) save the Internet from Congress and major telcos.

Save the Net Now
[Update]: Wow, in retrospect this is one angry post. I don't swear anymore on the blawg and since I wrote this post I prevailed on everything that the government was trying to do to me as former NAACP Legal Chair. It was bloody ridiculous. Now I hold a First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation from the Mayor of Nashua and am headed back to the place of respect in the community that I have earned.

This is a follow up. Get here, and take action before they take away the last bastion of the First Amendment -- which is obviously what the NAACP wants to see happen. Thank God I whupped their ever-loving ass, and American Tower's ass, and their Lawyer, former Mass Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand's ass, to boot.

Fucking fascist pigs can kiss my black ass. I can't believe Chief Dunn decries this post as pornographic in his Deposition.

Ohh, Ohh, Mr. Kotter, speaking of Congressional dirt, check out the Republican fuck-pigs all caught up in this Watergate-style prostitution thang, as reported by Georgia10 at Daily Kos.

NAACP/Jaffrey trial: Comedians we like part deux.

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4 the haters
Or, why I've never lost a First Amendment case. Think about Lenny Bruce. Think about Mark Demayo, whom I had the pleasure of meeting chez work last evening at Spyglass comedy night #3. I told Mark about KingCast and how they lynched me in Ohio. They came and hung Lenny Bruce on the QT, arrested his ass under cover of darkness and he went crazy, succumbed to his addictions.

I'm not having that shit 'cos I am one strong-assed Jigga': I've only lost 2 First Amendment skirmishes, and those involved camera access to court, never anyone's liberty. I'm 7-2 now, including the "stalking" trial NAACP President Gloria Timmons put me through because of this blawg and the recent NH Hillsborough South County Court decision reversing now Supreme Court Justice Gary Hicks' decision denying my media to court.

Unlike with Lenny, hillbilly pigs are not going to take me away, and the revolution will be televised. I can't believe Chief Dunn decries this post as pornographic in his Deposition.

Funniest line last night: Gas Prices.
"Did you notice how you used to fill up your car to half -- now you go to fill up your car to 'E'?"...It's like, "Hey man, you better get some gas, looks like you're on 'E'" says your friend. "Yeah, don't worry, I got it, man -- I just filled up to 'E' -- so we're good to go!"
Blawg yahtzee: Ode to King Richard Pryor. Comedians we like #1, featuring Tom Diddario.

And speaking of Spyglass, funny my 7th grade prep-school teacher, Martha Kane Brown, told me I was destined for a career in espionage. Fighting Police Chiefs like Marty Dunn, whom the town can't wait to get rid of, and the NAACP, who can't fall out of bed in the morning -- or night, depending on their vampire state -- without rehearsing a lie, certainly qualifies. Here's a scene from "Lawyerman," at KingCast.net

28 April 2006

NAACP/Jaffrey: Sledgehammer

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4 the haters
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Peter Gabriel
It's All Good. And we haven't even gotten to the porn. Yet. Perhaps Attorney Margolis and I should get our film crews together and hook it up; more of the Jewish-Black alliance to which I'm accustomed. I can't believe Chief Dunn decries this post as pornographic in his Deposition.


King watches 3 white men control his destiny.

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Pissed off
Two of them I trust. One, not/so.

27 April 2006

Boy Scout.

He might come out all right, after all. Too bad she didn't warn him about the NAACP when he was a Cub.

Blawg yahtzee: King v. Robeson.

NAACP/Jaffrey trial: Reputation Res Ipsa.

Sorry Chris, I tried not to expose your identity but the assholes keep lying. And that is precisely what they are: A bunch of fucking assholes, in my opinion, driving me to profanity -- but not in the courtroom, as you'll soon see in our new short film, working title:
"Charlie's Follies."

26 April 2006

Immigration law is an ass to Amadou Ly.

Come to this country broke, barely with family, food, shelter or clothing. Become an excellent student. Participate and win a National competition for your high school in robotics. Be a role model. Then get Deported or sent to the Gulag. Being a smart nigga' in this country will get you in trouble, one way or another. See (and listen) also: Happy St. Patrick's Day.

The Revolution will be televised.

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All over the World little people are rising up, and we’re doing it right here via Internet television, which is precisely why they've tried to shut me down 7 times, including the Former Massachusetts Bar Association President Richard C. Van Nostrand, Esq. tricking Blogger into deleting emails crucial to my defense that a room full of Blogger Attorneys correctly replaced.

Folks like Plez at Plezworld keeping an eye on the sitch.

Folks like v3three at Cultured State keep dropping in from time to time.

Folks like attorney qrswave at Truth will set you free and Culture for all who blogrolled me.

Folks like Emmett Till historian Susan Klopfer who blogrolled me.

Folks like North Carolina NAACP communications wonk Jerry McClough who got me started audioblawgging and who wants to call in the Marines for what's happening in New Hampshire.

Folks like Discuss Race’s Dave Myers who say "You're the Man!"

Folks at Daily Kos who recognize the NAACP has lost its way.

Folks at Daily Kos who recognize the brilliance of this project, funded by the people, and its legal, socio-political drive.
who write:
Now that I’ve been to his blog and watched some of his video [at KingCast.net] I have to agree that this is a very interesting blog. It's also funny as hell. And Mr. King, Esq. is great to watch in action. Thanks for posting all this and I wish you luck on your case. But who is the guy that follows you around and videos everything? This really is such a perfect use of the new technology of video, internet, and broadband.

Mr. King, lawyers like you drive other lawyers crazy. You're obsessive; you believe in truth and you aren't going to let the other side get away with anything. I mean this from the bottom of my heart -- I hope I never am forced to litigate against you (the greatest compliment I know).
And then you got some buttheads at Daily Kos -- who shall remain nameless pursuant to board policy -- who will take time to read an adverse Ohio Supreme Court decision – the falsity of which is central to this whole project – but not take time to click on any links I provide to substantiate my position. Which makes them no different than the institutions that people at Kos, a progressive board, are supposed to be questioning:

“I am not obligated to click on your links.”

All of you, along with the lying attorneys, NAACP "leaders" and Chief Dunn, will be featured in some way or another as this project continues, and as I get back into the spoken word sessions, and in my biography -- which is more the story of a lot of little people living on the outside of our fine system of jurisprudence -- than it is about me.


25 April 2006

The NAACP/Jaffrey question of the Day, sponsored by KingCast:

Let's get down to brass tacks: After Charlie Bauer materially misrepresented to the Court that I had not thoroughly answered certain discovery requests, Judge Lynn was reasonably pissed off at me and issued stern rebuke we have on video. Buoyed by that purported transgression His Honor all but said he would throw the case out if:

a) I failed to show him reasonable discovery request responses,
b) I failed to pay for Defendant Dunn's Deposition transcript.

I've already shown that the discovery responses were complete and other lawyers have concurred, so I'll move on to the Deposition transcript -- and the question at the end. Don't skip ahead or you'll get lost.

First, I told the Court I am indigent and cannot afford this $1,800.00 Deposition since I wrecked my car because of lack of sleep and nerves on one of the two occasions they tried to revoke my bail. I had to buy a "new" ($1,000.00 SAAB) to replace the pristine Turbo convertible I used to have. Before I was indigent and relocated to my sister's beautiful home, however, I did purchase and provide Defendant Timmmons' transcript at the not insubstantial cost of $1,400.00. The Court made a finding of fact that I was not indigent, a finding on which I will respectfully ask reconsideration.

"You may have to sell your car," said the Court.
"I'll try whatever I can," I said -- not realizing in that instant that even if I did sell the car and the motorbike I would still be about $800.00 short of Dunn's Depo and have no way to get to trial. These machines are 20 years old and hardly in prime condition. You almost have to pay someone to come and get them -- if they effin' start and actually operate. They are both candidates for the glue factory. Jeezlouise. And no way to get to trial gets me jailed for contempt. I'm sure the state of New Hampshire and the NAACP would just hate that.
Second, I noted that emotional damages were no longer part of my complaint pursuant to Riley v. Harr 292 F.3d 282 C.A.1 (N.H.),2002 because the Court has asked me about some discovery I had allegedly not provided that related to emotional damages. Bauer said:

a) he wanted the Deposition because he was going to have an expert analyze my behaviour during it;
b) he needed my discovery responses that he allegedly didn't have because of mental records and whatnot.

With all due respect, what the hell is this man talking about? As noted elsewhere on this blog, there are no mental records, although I will definitely need to go see a shrink about the way the State, NAACP and their lawyers have lied throughout this case and thus far got away with it. Simply, this is a damn lawsuit based on the hateful and false statement published to third parties at the NAACP that I was "obviously a disturbed individual" with "fantasies" about my prior accomplishments, and goes on to state that a damn Grand Jury investigation was being commenced. Who made this guy the press office for the Cheshire County Prosecutor? This big-mouthed, fantasically unpopular police chief whom the Town of Jaffrey tries to pay to go away, and whom other area police call a "slime bag" would later write yet another email containing a materially-false accusation against me, i.e. that a police escort was required to remove me from American Tower Corporation.

Anyway, his first set of Defamatory comments directly triggered the NAACP higher-ups to greatly dislike me, vote me off the Chair of Legal Redress and generally treat me as social pariah. In contrast, people on the Mayor's ethnic awareness committee (read Act I, Scene two) have noted that they hope I can get my Good Name restored, so even if he had an expert witness testify that I was plumb loco, he can't show that to be my reputation in the community. Plus I've got NAACP Veterans' Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit saying I'm clearly not crazy. And I agreed to submit to an IME any way. This is all a ruse, the last dance of a desperate man: Charlie's quite the bullshitter.
Third, I noted with all due respect that in Ohio an attorney could take a Deposition and not be compelled to order it. That's the lawyer's choice. Most lawyers in New Hampshire have said it's that way up here as well, but then my life and the law never have followed convention. I get special treatment wherever I go. That's why folks have paid for KingCast so I can show it.
Fourth, I started a laundry list of reasons why I really wanted the Deposition but simply couldn't afford it. Those reasons include, inter alia:
* Dunn and Bauer laughing about me getting my ass reamed in prison;
* Dunn getting upset with me when I asked him about multi-tasking;
* Dunn rudely interrupting me repeatedly when the purpose of the Deposition (I thought but then what do I know, I'm suspended right?) was for me to ask questions of him;
* Dunn saying he finds this blawg despicable, when in fact I caught the Indictment the next business day after I notified Jaffrey and upper echelon NAACP of this blawg and a very critical post "Why the NAACP is a sellout organization," seen here.
Fifth now I ask the question in two parts:

First, even assuming arguendo that the Court overrules my request for reconsideration on the updated Affidavit of Indigency, how could the court throw my case out against Chief Dunn in light of the outright lies that Attorney Bauer just perpetuated in Open Court? Non-monied black man gets screwed while well-heeled, well-connected white man gets away with material misrepresentations to the Court? Wouldn't be the first time it's happened in general or to me in the particular. I sincerely hope that is not the legacy of this case.

Second, what right does Defendant Timmons have to request that my case against her be dismissed, since I did purchase and provide her Deposition transcript?
Answer: None.

Let's see w'happens next.

PS: "Trangressions" and "Despicable" are Marty's pet words; he wrote "transgressions" to Camden Public Schools and to me then said "Despicable" to Charlie and to me.

Police State: Outhouse in deep shit.

Or, philandering pig on a hot seat. This guy and Chief Dunn making life hard for other law-abiding cops out there. Shame on Detective Bob Outhouse, commodiously poking his pecker in the face of innocent/white girls.

Blawg yahtzee: Police State #1.
PS: Could it have been a rhombus? Hexagon? The mind boggles....

24 April 2006

Save the Internet from Congress and major telcos.

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Whip dat' nigga'
Daily Kos just covered a story about Congress ending Internet neutrality, which will have grave consequences for everyday Internet surfings, as companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc. will regulate traffic. Read more here; sign the petition.

Remember, these companies all rely on American Tower for their infrastructure, and American Tower are some of the biggest assholes the World has ever seen. We've seen what American Tower and its lawyers will do to forward their hegemonic designs against free speech right here in my wee little blawg, going ex parte to Blogger to make them remove posts that a room full of Blogger attorneys reversed after I approached them with principled logic, law and documentation that American Tower and their lawyers were scumbags. Look at what they made me do to landlords in Texas. First Amendment? Free Country? Not if they can help it.

Watch how American Tower really operates, using actual Deposition and Affidavit testimony, in American Lawyer movies 2 and 3 at KingCast.

NAACP/Jaffrey, NH fiasco: Priceless.

Cost of 18 April hearing: $110
Cost of today's mail: $13
Cost of today's copies: $15
Cost of KingCast: Donated
My wallet: Tapped
Knowing Chief Dunn is going through hell, and knowing we've got enough dirt on NAACP, Chief Dunn, Charlie Bauer, Orr & Reno and Maria Proulx in the file -- and video on command -- to make them miserable for the rest of their lives (I love Proulx pulling a locked door in hasty failed escape from our watchful eye) for what they did to Willie Toney and me: Priceless.
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Whip dat' nigga'

Hey Prosecutor Albrecht, I don't do crimes; I report them.

I told you that a long time ago, when you refused to allow me to present to the Grand Jury, which could have saved the taxpayers a whole lot of money, and Jaffrey and Chief Dunn a whole lot of embarrassment. Of course even money says you don't really give a shit about Chief Dunn, anyway -- but you just don't want to lose to me.

23 April 2006

King v. Bauer, mano y mano.

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Levee breaks
Well Charlie I let you get away with lying to Judge Lynn last week so I could break your face all over the Internet. I'm sending out the fun-pak(TM) I promised to the folks at Daily Kos over the weekend, who agree that I clearly answered Interrogatory #19, contrary to how you willfully misled the Court, as we will soon depict -- quite graphically I might add -- on KingCast.net. And don't look to the criminal case for relief; I'm showing cartoons over there because the taxpayers ought to get something in return for the bullshit they've endured.

You should lose your license you creep.
And try working on that smile willya?

Kevan Fulmer, Charlie Duffy, Judge Lindsay, Richard C. Van Nostrand, Chief Dunn and the Silver Bullet.

The First Amendment case of Kevan Fulmer and the Silver Bullet, not to be confused with the American Tower case of the vibrating silver bullet. Kevan Fulmer's friend Charlie Duffy called me today. Recall, Duffy is the NH taser victim who received Chief Dunn's defamatory logorrhea-letter about me a few weeks ago. Charlie called to remind me that it cost Fulmer $3M in opportunity cost to keep from going to jail in a First Amendment Silver Bullet case wherein some FBI agent got him wrongfully convicted on "threats." His father is Vince Fulmer, former Vice President and later Secretary of the M.I.T. Corporation.

Fulmer, who had been assisting Agent Richard Egan on an FBI investigation that got messy, referred to a "silver bullet" solution -- i.e. he had bankruptcy checks showing violations of the law. But at trial, the court actually allowed the introduction of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing that happened to be on the agent's mind and allowed the agent to show some bullets from his desk drawer to further inflame the Jury, to make jurors think poorly of Mr. Fulmer, even though he didn't even know about the bullets in Egan's desk drawer.

The judge who got reversed on appeal? Ironically -- or perhaps not -- it was none other than Reginald C. Lindsay, who allowed American Tower, Amerikkkan Tauer or whatever you want to call those dirtbags and their Lawyer, scumbag and former Mass. Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand, to get away with Bloody Murder in my case. And there I go, operating in the chasm between what is said.... and what is done in the U.S. Legal system. As I told you yesterday, and in my new KingCast website, I didn't get put out of Columbus for being a bad attorney; I got put out of Columbus for being a good attorney. There's definitely a price on my head, but Dunn, Albrecht and the NAACP can't deliver. Maybe somebody's going to put them to bed with the fishes now. As for me, I just hope my film maker is there when my Zapruder moment comes. Given what I've seen, I wouldn't put it past them.

This NAACP case is (still) a cartoon!

Check out former NH Hillsborough County lead prosecutor David Horan (l) and Ayer, Mass' rough-and-tumble Lawyer Robert Wilson (r) laugh at the paucity of the State's evidence. Too bad the taxpayers aren't finding any of this funny, crying for the ouster of that "extortionist" and disgraced Police Chief Marty Dunn, who can't find a job any damn where. I told you Marty, make a movie with us. As noted yesterday, I think the folks over at Daily Kos, the World's largest political website, would love to see it. In fact, read the 12th comment from the top, "Love your stuff." We'll all get paid and get you out of Jaffrey; it's a win-win, a veritable two-fer =^.)

And then my film maker, currently busy trying to gain First Amendment access to court, while simultaneously launching KingCast -- can really take the time show his stuff. And let's not forget the contributions of Sarah on the corporate logo and Angelika on the pics. This is populist putsch.

Blawg yahtzee: This Case is a Cartoon! #1.