15 March 2006

Why a progressive black man fears New Hampshire... and the NAACP.

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Several people have noted that it's a dangerous proposition to be black in any measure in New Hampshire. Here's a partial blow-by-blow account of why I concur in full, no dissent:

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1. I requested to appear before the Grand Jury but was denied. More than one well-known attorney in NH told me "they keep it secret over there so they can hang you up."
2. The NAACP lied and said that the organization does not sue, for which they face Defamation.
3. Nashua, NAACP Prez. Gloria Timmons lied and told my erstwhile colleagues Jaffrey PD had filed a lawsuit because of me last January. They then voted me out of office. But that was a lie.
4. Timmons threatened to "run [me] over."
5. Timmons tried to shut down my blawg and movie website.
6. Nashua, NAACP executive committee member Claire Holston had me running "personal" favors then turned tail on me.
7. Timmons denies receiving an email attachment 1/2 sent not only from me but from Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins that specifically referenced the fact I had license suspension issues in Ohio for what tenured Ohio State Law Professor Lou Jacobs noted included "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics." If my suspension was a Big Deal why didn't anyone ask me about it? Why didn't anyone say "hey, we're concerned about the role that racism may have played in your suspension Mr. King, how can we contact Attorney Jacobs for more information?"
8. Because they were too busy trying to "protect the image" of the NAACP, and "throw me under the bus," that's why.
9. And Timmons falsely claimed at her Deposition that she threw all of her email out regarding the suspension/issue, but here we see that she didn't delete all of her email because we see one back to me on the same day, 18 Oct. 2004. And if you look closely, I sent it to the entire Nashua NAACP anyway, where Claire Holsten "read it every day," according to Defendant Timmons.
10. Chief Dunn and the State tried to lock me up using a Notice of Appearance sent to the wrong address, we told them that at the criminal proceeding and they still maintained their position.
11. The Attorney General's office clearly lied about a critical element of my complaint against recently-suspened Chief Dunn. This I find offensive because I was an clerk and Ohio Assistant Attorney General for the better part of 4 years.
12. Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht falsely stated in a public document that the "NAACP as an entity does not sue," and he tried to shut down my blawg and website. See "Oreo."
13. In light of that, see item No. 1, supra.
14. Oopsie: Almost forgot NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit, which Defendant Timmons has tried to make him change. That's called witness tampering, but she'll never get charged with it. Who's gonna' bring it: Chief Dunn? The AG's office? Ha! But Cleaven is waitin' in the cutty to bust up all of this NAACP-sponsored government hate, you bet. Just talked to that brother the other day, in fact. And jurors know perjury when they smell it, Gloria.
So I know the Criminal Court yesterday denied my attorneys the right to use Chief Dunn's discipline file. This even though he allegedly held secret files on people and I have a pending Civil Complaint about that -- and he has failed to turn over such file in the criminal case despite several requests from my attorneys, one of whom is a former lead Prosecutor himself! North Carolina NAACP Communications wonk and Thatswhazup! blog owner Jerry McClough (mentioned here) can't believe it; wants to call in the damn Marines!

But as I discussed with one of my attorneys yesterday about Stefan Edberg, they still have to beat that high-kicking serve to the backhand, in the deuce/criminal and ad/civil Courts. And while they're looking for that, I'll crack an ace down the middle. This is official blawg post No.2, and the Supreme Court will soon review it. People in NH say this is an Amazing Blog.... because it is an amazing blog. Now we're about to actually get serious. Those guys are toast.


Jerry said...

What's up Chris? I have a question for you! Have you talked to any other branch of the NAACP or National about this issue? If so what the response?

Christopher King said...

Dude, Man the response is no response. This here is the third (3) time I ask them on line alone, and -- perhaps the 5th overall -- to get up with me so we can Do the Right Thing. They fail me -- us -- everytime.


Enjoy this one, too. Radio Raheem is in it with Juan Whats-his-name I think. But I'll tell you why we ain't got not bruvva's on the wall, dammit it's 'cos they too busy pickin' cotton! Godd*mn Stuck on Stupid.



Christopher King said...
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Flim Flam Man said...

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