02 March 2006

To Hell with slavery.

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First of all, NH was busted for slavery in 2004 as noted in the Union Leader right here and here.

Funny, I was responding to a daily kos thread and editing an image from the new website (KingCast, the only law-related video podcast with actual courtroom footage) when I remembered that I was indeed runner-up in the Frederick Douglass midwest BLSA Moot Court competition. That's the lucite award next to me. Then I remembered also that I did indeed attend a top fifty law school and did indeed place first in my trial tactics class. And I indeed went to state debate in High School. Then I noted that all of that knowledge is just great until you upset the Master. It is tantamount to slavery.

NAACP President Carl Mack, over in Seattle, never would have stood for this because he knows the NAACP should be "an agitation organization."

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