05 March 2006

So I says to the guy: 'we're fighting government secrecy..'

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Note: The case I discuss in today's audioblawg was thrown out on Summary Jugdment. No way should a Jury not have heard about a college that allows a white subsequent sexual partner to testify in a school expulsion proceeding against a Black male about a rape -- allegedly committed by the Black male -- without informing the alleged perpetrator that the alleged white female victim slept with the white male after him, on the same evening. But calling a doctor into the hearing without notice to testify about petechia was the coup de gras. The Court and the NAACP looked the other way, natch.
I noted what we are up against in this 8 Dec. '05 blawg entry quoting highly-esteemed attorney Jonathan Kaney who said, while prevailing in a juicy First Amendment case, "There's no Privacy in a Public Courtroom," even as NH Supreme Court Justice Gary Hicks tossed us out. Let's see what Judge Lynn does on 14 March as we turn to that secret file and missing email chain that Chief Dunn is holding on me. Read my Memorandum at the bottom.

Just as I noted in yesterday's "Judges don't know what to do with King" post, they can't stand me making the court history public. One of my Internet gurus who just came on board agreed immediately once he knew that I had been a news editor in an earlier life. "Oh, I get it.... your problem is you like to tell people about the law," s/he said. Yep. I've been out in front on that count as noted in response to the Boston Phoenix piece.

Here's another story about clandestine court closure, the sort of thing that was a hallmark in Columbus in both the local and federal district. And while this piece addresses secrecy in the criminal context, they did plenty of dirt and kept it quiet in the civil arena as well. Wait until I tell you about a certain "rape" case that parallels Kobe Bryant's, except for the fact that the University knew all along that the purported victim had sex with her f*ck buddy after the alleged rape, and hid that fact from the alleged rapist, then called in a medical examiner at the disciplinary hearing without prior notice. They also allowed the second f*cker, a white male, to testify at the disciplinary hearing. The Federal Court found no Title IX violation or disparity of treatment between the white female "victim" and the black male "perpetrator." BTW, the second f*cker that night was not her boyfriend; he was back at school in Indiana. Honest. I can't make up a story this good. But I was put on this Earth to tell them. This I know.

A white guy on the Grand Jury stood up and told the prosecutor "You know he didn't rape that girl," and his criminal case was tossed. But they still kicked him out of school. That nigger was valedictorian material, to boot. He finished up in Engineering at another school in Ohio and is doing well, but scarred by not one but two hallowed institions who touched him -- and one who did not: The NAACP. This is called Institutionalized Racism and it is precisely the sort of thing the NAACP is supposed to address, but they never came to help. Too risky. Doesn't fit the image or right profile. Feat of clay, again -- read last paragraph of this "Video in Civil Rights Cases is crucial" post. At least some people in the NAACP see the problem, as noted in the comments section to yesterday's post.

Fact: A white bystander in southwest Ohio watching Michael Isreal's criminal First Amendment trial turns to his friend and says "That's not right! That nigger's got to get him a fair trial!" I about died laughing to myself; kept a straight face. Click expand to see that we won.

Fact: I've been watching courts now for 18 years: In undergrad, Steve Vlah and I would ride our respective bikes ('83 BMW R65 LS and '86 Suzuki 550ES) down to court for an hour or two twice a week to watch the court system. Sometimes our girlfriends would hang out or come with us, too. Some said: "You dudes are weird.... Let's get some beers at the grille." We said: "We'll be back for that, later, man."

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